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Non-State Violent Actors and Social Movement Organizations: Influence, Adaptation, and Change Vol: 41

Julie M. Mazzei
Kent State University, USA

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26 Apr 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
352 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
This volume focusses on non-state actors and political conflicts but also attends to the broader themes of the series. The research emphases the roles and motivations of non-state actors in conflicts or post-conflict situations in the post-Cold War era; as well outlining the dynamics of social movements, conflicts, or change. This volume highlights the motivations and interests of non-state violent actors (NSVAs) in the post-Cold War era; the role of identity and/or ideology in the conflicts or resolutions of so-called "new wars;" the impact of NSVAs in conflict and/or peace-making; and the ways in which IGOs and NGOs interact with NSVAs in conflicts or post-conflict zones.
Introduction SECTION I: NON-STATE ACTORS: INFLUENCE AND ADAPTATION IN CONFLICT ENVIRONMENTS Hostile Countermobilization And Political Violence: loyalist contention and Radicalization in northern ireland, 1968 1969 - Gianluca De Fazio Killing The Movement: How Islam Became A Rival Of Ethnic Movement In Turkey, 1991 2002 - Cem Emrence and Aysegul Aydin Patterns Of Violence Directed Against Civilians In Small Ethnic Enclaves During War In Iraq (2003 2009) - Stephen C. Poulson Oil Ownership And Domestic Terrorism - Matthew Costello Movement structure in an authoritarian regime: a network analysis of the women’s And student movements in iran - Eliot Assoudeh and Debra J. Salazar Protests Or Parliaments: The Politics Of Deinstitutionalization And The Mobilization Of The Palestinian Citizens Of Israel - Liora S. Norwich When Does Repression Trigger Mass Protest? The 2013 Gezi Protests - Defne Over and Basak Taraktas¸ SECTION II: NON-STATE ACTORS: CHALLENGERS AND CHANGE Targeting Culture: Feminist Legal Activists And Critical Community Tactics - Holly J. McCammon, Allison R. McGrath, Ashley Dixon and Megan Robinson Recruiting Inclusiveness: Intersectionality, Social Movements, And Youth Online - Thomas Elliott, Jennifer Earl and Thomas V. Maher
Julie M. Mazzei, Department of Political Science, Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA

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