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New Policy Challenges For European Multinationals Vol: 7

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21 Nov 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
475 pages - 156 x 234 x 43mm
Progress in International Business Research


This volume takes stock of the latest international business research on the relationship between European multinational enterprises (MNEs) and their policy environment. The volume brings together a variety of scholarly contributions from an European perspective. European MNEs were amongst the earliest to internationalize and many now command globally dispersed operations. European MNEs pioneered the multi-centric organizational form, which can be interpreted in part as an effort to address the policy challenges facing these firms in environments fraught with natural and government-imposed market imperfections. The volume covers four dimensions of MNE corporate strategy in the face of complex policy environments: corporate strategic responses to national policy institutions; pro-active institution-oriented strategies; dynamics of international business-government relations; and, corporate strategies in turbulent times.
List of Contributors. About the Editors. New Policy Challenges for European Multinationals: A Resource Bundling Perspective. Political Strategies of Foreign Firms in the Dutch Chemical Industry. Firms’ Capabilities, Public Support and Foreign Direct Investment. Taxes and Foreign Direct Investment Attraction: A Literature Review. The Impact of Transaction Costs on Interest Margins in the Romanian Banking Sector. Institutions and International Business Research: Three Institutional Approaches and Recommendations for Future Research. The Role of Cross-Sector Partnership Portfolios in the Inclusive Business Strategies of Multinational Enterprises. Human Rights Due Diligence in Global Value Chains. The Illusion of Political Power: Evidence from a Failed FDI in a Developing Market. The Direct Impact of the Normative and Cognitive Distances and the Moderating Effect of Regulations on the Internationalization of SMEs. The Unequal Influence of Structure and Strategy on European Manufacturing Firm Performance. Does Economic Convergence with the European Union Mean More FDI Flows to an Economy? Analysis of Five Central and Eastern European Countries. International Marketing–Related Outward FDI Motives: Turkish MNCs’ Experience in the EU. Corruption and its Effect on Foreign Direct Investment in the Energy Sector of Emerging and Developing Economies. Export Propensity During the Period of Economic Recession: The Impact of Home-Country Factors and Firm-Level Characteristics. Strategic Responses to the Global Financial and Economic Crisis in Central and Eastern Europe – The Foreign Multinational Company Perspective. Managing Relationship Development and Crises in Emerging Markets: A Swedish Firm's Relationship Behaviour in Argentina. The Dark Side of Globalization for Mature European Multinationals: An Extended Network Perspective. New Policy Challenges for European Multinationals. Progress in international business research. Progress in international business research. Copyright page.

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