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New Perspectives on Research, Policy & Practice in Public Entrepreneurship Vol: 6

Gerard McElwee
University of Huddersfield, UK

Joyce Liddle
Aix-Marseille Universite, France

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01 Jun 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research


The term "entrepreneurship" has usually been associated with private sector activities. The term has appeared frequently in public sector literature, with scholars challenged to find new multi-disciplinary frameworks. This collection contributes to the debate due to a confusing array of terminology on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Scholars and practitioners are looking for flexible and adaptable approaches to shaping organisations. Key challenges face public sector institutions and partners, and success will be dependent on how well the public sector finds new ways to deliver excellent public services, and leverage support and resources from non-state partners. Public sectors across the globe have a poor record on productivity despite a dramatic expansion in public expenditure, but the on-going global economic recession has brought into focus the "innovation and enterprise imperative" (Brown & Osborne, 2013). Innovation is embedded into daily routines and interactions with non-state actors, but these chapters illustrate ample evidence on how innovative actors can be. Scholars have contributed studies of flourishing innovation and enterprise in this important field.
Introduction: Public Sector Entrepreneurship: Key Issues, Challenges and Developments in Theory and Practice - Joyce Liddle 
Public Institutional Environment and Entrepreneurial Value. Theoretical Issues and Efficiency Tests - Marco Taliento 
Tough Times, Difficult Choices and Public Entrepreneurship: Is Sponsorship a Winning Solution? - Lee Pugalis, Jenny Davidson, Fraser McLeay and Anna Round 
Can Enterprise Be a Vocation, or Is It the End of Public Service? - Rory Shand and Mark Hyde 
Toward a Theory of Business Models and Business Modeling in Public Entrepreneurship - Arash Najmaei and Zahra Sadeghinejad 
A 21st Century Paradigm for Entrepreneurs and Policy Makers: Applying Modern Scientific Methods to Indigenous Innovation - Henrietta Onwuegbuzie 
The Public Sector as an Entrepreneur? - Martin Quinn and Richard Courtney  
Glasgow's Post-Entrepreneurial Approach to 2014 CWG Legacy - Linda Christie and Mike Danson 
Austerity and Social Entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom: a Community Perspective - Stefanie Mauksch and Mike Rowe 
Pushing Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in the Delivery of Rural Public Services: The Case of Education and Health Services - Fergus Lyon 
Beyond Authority: Public Value, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a UK Fire and Rescue Service - Julian Clarke 
Conclusion: Public Sector Entrepreneurship: The Future Research Agenda - Joyce Liddle
Joyce Liddle, Aix-Marseille Universite, Aix-En-Provence, 13100, France

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