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New Perspectives on Critical Marketing and Consumer Society

Elaine L. Ritch
Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Julie McColl
York St John University, UK

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01 Mar 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
324 pages - 171 x 248mm
Digital communication has altered the flow of global information, evolved consumer values and changed consumption practices worldwide. These challenges in the marketplace are being driven by international, social and technological advances.

New Perspectives on Critical Marketing and Consumer Society is a groundbreaking textbook allowing readers to understand, critique and engage with this disrupted context. Editors Elaine L. Ritch and Julie McColl bring together a range of specialist contributors to identify and examine widespread social and technological disruptions in the marketplace, covering new topics that illustrate new consumer values, through chapters examining:
  • disruptive innovation
  • 'woke' branding
  • data ethics
  • social shopping
  • inclusive identities
  • retail spaces as examples of disruption innovation.
The work presents an in-depth discussion of the newest social and technological developments around marketing and consumption across core three themes, 'Disruption and the digital landscape', 'Pseudo Modernity and co-creation of experiences', 'Evolutionary societies and woke branding'. Chapters illustrate how current advances in business and marketing are looking at different approaches for a radically new landscape in marketing and consumer behaviour. New Perspectives on Critical Marketing and Consumer Society provides an illuminating, challenging and thought-provoking guide through changing and fast moving business and retail contexts for all upper-level students of marketing, branding and consumer behaviour.
Chapter 1: Introduction Julie McColl and Elaine L. Ritch
Part 1: Disruption and the digital landscape
Chapter 2: Disruptive Innovation Elaine L. Ritch and Julie McColl
Chapter 3: The changing landscape of consumerism: advancing the SOR framework of stimuli that encourages impulsive online consumption Fiona Keegan, Elaine L. Ritch and Noreen Siddiqui
Chapter 4: Customer-company relationships: The key dimensions and leveraging social media to build relationships Nilay Balkan
Chapter 5: Data ethics: trust security and data ownership in marketing transactions Julie McColl and Elaine L. Ritch
Chapter 6: Social media, social comment and the moralising media landscape Lindsey Drylie Carey, Mary Irwin and Jennifer Anne Yule
Part 2: Pseudo Modernity and co-creation of experiences
Chapter 7: Pseudo Modernity Elaine L. Ritch and Julie McColl
Chapter 8: The Customer Engagement Journey: Establishing Propositions Cara Connell, Ruth Marciniak and Lindsey Carey
Chapter 9: The use of Retail Spaces as Examples of Disruption Innovation Ruth Marciniak
Chapter 10: Social shopping: Implications for Store Retailing Noreen Siddiqui
Chapter 11: Experiencing the experience economy Jenny Flinn
Part 3: Evolutionary societies and woke branding
Chapter 12: Brand purpose and woke branding campaigns Julie McColl, Elaine L. Ritch and Jennifer Hamiton Chapter 13: Woke awareness for sustainability Elaine L. Ritch and Julie McColl
Chapter 14: The race to the bottom: moving closer to home? Elaine L. Ritch and Julie McColl
Chapter 15: Inclusive identities: challenging socially constructed perceptions of femininity, masculinity and sexuality in marketing Elaine L. Ritch and Christopher A. Dodd
Chapter 16: A platform for empowerment: Social media and the social diffusion of the #MeToo movement Stephanie Nicholson, Julie McColl and Elaine L. Ritch
Chapter 17: Concluding comments and future directions post Covid-19 Elaine L. Ritch and Julie McColl
Elaine L. Ritch is a senior lecturer in marketing and programme leader for the International Marketing UG programme. Her research focuses on fashion, examining the industry, retailing, consumer behaviours, consumer culture, and sustainability practices, from industry to consumers. Elaine leads on two modules: New Perspectives in Critical Marketing and Consumer Society and Marketing, Design and Creativity.

Julie McColl is Professor of Marketing and Deputy Dean at York Business School, York St John University, UK. Her research focus is in the areas of fashion branding, the internationalisation of luxury fashion brands, vintage fashion and mindfulness in education.

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