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New Perspectives in International Business Research Vol: 3

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01 Oct 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
230 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Progress in International Business Research


This volume of "Progress in International Business Research" proposes new perspectives in IB research by addressing a number of critical issues which criss-cross the fields of International Business and International Management. More specifically, the topics dealt with in the volume feature in four discreet sections. The contributions in the first part concern the management of cultural distance across countries. In the second part, internal and external solutions to corporate governance problems are proposed, making use of the concept of 'jurisdictional advantage'. The third part focuses on the genesis and development of international entrepreneurs. The last part of the volume discusses the nature and impact of technology and of international expansion.The volume intends to provide fresh new insights in the field of IB research, insights which will interest business and management scholars, senior executives and policy-makers, and all those interested in the relationship and combination of corporate competitive advantage with jurisdictional advantage.
New perspectives in IB research: culture, governance, Entrepreneurship and international expansion. Headquarters–subsidiary relationships and the country-of-origin effect. An exploratory study of culture distance and perceptions of relational risk. Drivers of interpersonal and inter-unit trust in multinational corporations. Normative control in MNC. Exploring the antecedents of relationship commitment in an import–export dyad. Constructing jurisdictional advantage. Comparative international entrepreneurship: The software industry in the Indian sub-continent. Reinterpreting a ‘prime example’ of a born global: Cochlear's international launch. Myths in microfinance. R&D and foreign direct investment with asymmetries in knowledge transmission. FDI and spillovers in the Swiss manufacturing industry: Interaction effects between spillover mechanisms and domestic absorptive capacities. Market and technology access through firm acquisitions: Beyond one size fits all. List of Contributors. Progress in international business research. New perspectives in international business research. Copyright page.

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