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New Directions in Measures and Methods Vol: 12

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27 Nov 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
396 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Motivation and Achievement


This volume brings together researchers in motivation from around the world to address new directions in measures and methods for motivational research. There has been a great deal of reliance on self-report measures in motivational research, but the current volume provides a number of new and different methods for assessing motivation. The volume discusses the use of projective techniques, on-line questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, observations, and multiple methods. All of these new methods will provide more dynamic and situated measures of motivation, a much needed development in motivational research. In addition, the volume addresses new data analytic techniques that allow for more dynamic assessment of motivation in context. Person-centered and variable-centered analysis techniques are discussed as well as multi-level modelling. In addition, a chapter on research synthesis is included as well as a discussion of issues of construct validity and analysis of ethnic and cultural differences in motivation. The volume offers new theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and pragmatic tools and perspectives on measuring and assessing motivation.
An information processing account of implicit motive arousal, O.C. Schultheiss; Dynamic measures for studying interest and learning, M. Ainley, S. Hidi; The on-line motivation questionnaire - a self-report instrument to assess students' context sensitivity, M. Boekaerts; Methodological issues and advances in researching tactics, strategies, and self-regulated learning, P.H. Winne et al; Interviews as a mechanism for understanding other's experiences, E. Degroot; Dynamic assessment as a key to understanding student motivation in a classroom context, S. Jarvela et al; Individual differences and developmental trends in motivation - integrating person-centered and variable-centered methods, M. Niemivirta The use of multi-level modelling to study individual change and context effects in achievement motivation, J.E. Jacobs, D.W. Osgood; Systematic research synthesis on motivation, J.C. Valentine, H. Cooper; Issues in the assessment of motivation in students from ethnic minority populations, S.L. Yu, C.A. Wolters.

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