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New Directions in International Advertising Research Vol: 12

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26 Sep 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
296 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in International Marketing


This book addresses the need to move international advertising in new directions by summarizing existing knowledge in several areas, reporting findings of new studies, and providing future research directions. It is aimed both at scholars who have an interest in international advertising research as well as international advertising practitioners.
List of contributors; Preface; Introduction; New directions in international advertising research; Methodological Insights; Achieving reliable and valid cross-cultural research results in content analysis; Towards the development of a scalar equivalent etic Multicultural Advertising Response Scale (MARS); Standardization vs. Specialization Issues; Standardized vs. specialized international advertising campaigns: What we have learned from academic research in the 1990s (C.R. Taylor, C.M. Johnson); The association between process and program advertising standardization: an illustration of US multinationals operating in India; Marketing/advertising concepts and principles in the international context: universal or unique?; Creating a positive brand image with a local adaptation advertising strategy: the Hyundai Santa Fe; Advertising in Central/Eastern Europe; Emotional and rational advertising messages in positive and negative Polish media contexts; Advertising in the Czech Republic: Czech perceptions of effective advertising and advertising clutter; Global Advertising, Social Responsibility, and Country of Origin Effects; A cross-cultural examination of the environmental information on packaging: implications for advertisers; Advertising, technology, and the digital divide: a global perspective; Direct and indirect use of country of origin cues for hybrid and non-hybrid products; Advertising in Asia Pacific; Possession and effects of power in advertising agency? Client relationships in South Korea: a multi-level analysis; Self-esteem, life-satisfaction and materialism: effects of advertising images on Chinese college students; Advertising communication in Australia - a comparison of information used by Australian, Japanese and US firms.

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