New Developments in Islamic Economics: Examples from Southeast Asia

Asmak Ab Rahman
University of Malaya, Malaysia

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09 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229mm
New Developments in Islamic Economics: Examples from Southeast Asia investigates the latest developments in a vibrant and fast-moving area of practical financial and economic study. Primarily focused on Malaysian contexts, while also presenting perspectives from Indonesia and Thailand, this book examines the Asian nations leading the world in the application of Islamic finance. 
Case studies analyse and discuss new and emerging issues in Islamic economics, including microtakaful, waqf, social finance and poverty alleviation from an Islamic perspective.
Chapter 1. Entrepreneurship Development in Islamic Economics; Akilu Aliyu Shinkafi and Nor Aini Ali
Chapter 2. Application of the Concept of Maslahah in Household Debt Management; Nor Aini Ali, Wan Marhaini Wan Ahmad, Suhaili Sarif, Nor Azzah Kamri and Raihanah Azahari
Chapter 3. Role of Infaq in Financing the Students of Malaysian Public Universities; Noor Ain Binti Alin Nordin and Asmak Ab Rahman
Chapter 4. Cash Waqf from the Perspective pf Majelis Ulama Indnesia (Mui) and the Scholars of Aceh: An Analysis; Muhammad Ikhwan Mauluddin and Asmak Ab Rahman
Chapter 5. The Potential of Cash Waqf in the Socioeconomic Development of Society in Kelantan: A Stakeholder's Perspective; Siti Nur Asmad Che Hassan and Asmak Ab Rahman
Chapter 6. Empowering Society through Waqf Baazars: A Case Study in Kelantan, Malaysia; Nuraliza Ahmad and Asmak Ab Rahman
Chapter 7. Microtakaful in Aceh: Does Society Need It? Rafiza Zuliani and Asmak Ab Rahman
Chapter 8. Women and Risk: Does Takaful Have the Solution? Nuurshiraathal Firdaws Abd Rani and Asmak Ab Rahman
Chapter 9. The Islamic Perspective on Underwriting in Health Takaful Products: A Study of Selected Takaful Operators in Malaysia; Aisyah Mustafa and Asmak Ab Rahman
Chapter 10. Society's Understanding of Family Takaful: A Study in Southern Thailand; Mirwanee Ha, Asmak Ab Rahman and Azizi Che Seman
Chapter 11. The Application of Bay' Al-Tawarruq in Islamic Banking Institutions in Malaysia: A Study of Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad; Mohd Izuwan Mahyudin and Azizi Che Seman
Chapter 12. Determinants of Asset Structure of Malaysian Islamic Banks: A Panel Study; Ahmad Azam Sulaiman Mohamad, Mohammad Taqiuddin Mohamad and Siti Saidatul Akmal Arishin
Chapter 13. Islamic versus Conventional Banking: Characteristics and Stability Analysis of Malaysian Banking Sector; Ahmad Azam Sulaiman Mohamad, Mohammad Taqiuddin Mohamad and Siti Aisyah Hashim
Asmak Ab Rahman is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Shari'ah and Economics, Academy of Islamic Studies, at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. Her areas of specialisation include takaful, Islamic economics, Islamic law and waqf. Her work has been published in journals such as the Arab Law Quarterly, Journal of Islamic Marketing, and the International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management. 

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