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Network Strategy Vol: 25

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25 Jul 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
704 pages - 152 x 229 x 41mm
Advances in Strategic Management


Research at the intersection of social networks and strategic management identifies a range of performance-enhancing network position advantages - access to partners, information, innovation, and resources - that are distributed differentially across network positions. While research indicates how network positions can be used to advantage, it says little about how these positions are established, sustained, and destroyed, and so we know little about the role of actors' strategic goals and self-interests in shaping network structures."Volume 25 of Advances in Strategic Management" aims to inspire a shift from discussions of network effects to network processes. Each chapter contributes to the crafting of a more dynamic view that increases our understanding of the origins, evolution and decay of network structures, positions and their associated advantages.
The rise of ecommerce as an epidemic in the small world of venture capital. Ownership and Control: A Small-World Analysis. Evolutionary Dynamics of Inter-firm Networks: A Complex Systems Perspective. The Role of Dyadic Multi-Dimensionality in the Evolution of Strategic Network Ties. The structural evolution of multiplex organizational networks: Research and commerce in biotechnology. Industry consolidation and network evolution in U.S. global banking, 1986–2004. Actor utilities, strategic action and network evolution. Contradictory or compatible? reconsidering the “trade-off” between brokerage and closure on knowledge sharing. Industry Performance and Indirect Access to Structural Holes. The mobilization of scarce resources. Interconnect to win: the joint effects of business strategy and network positions on the performance of software firms. If the alliance fits. Bringing the firm back in: Networking as antecedent to network structure. The gloomy side of embeddedness: The effects of overembeddedness on inter-firm partnership formation. Imitative behavior: Network antecedents and performance consequences. Who's the new kid? The process of developing centrality in venture capitalist deal networks. Network horizon: An information-based view on the dynamics of bridging positions. The dynamics of network strategies and positions. Introduction: Evolving Webs in Network Economies. List of Contributors. Advances in Strategic Management. Network Strategy. Copyright page.

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