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Network Dynamics in International Marketing Vol: 4

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15 Dec 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
342 pages - 165 x 230 x 20mm
International Business and Management
This book aims to fulfil two objectives: to contribute to the state of knowledge in the broad area of relationship marketing and to provide readers with an insight into the antecedents and roots of the current "fashionable" interest in relationship marketing. The first part of this book presents ideas on our current understanding of networks, relationships, and interaction. The second part contains contributions which will be of interest to all those undertaking research in the area of business-to-business marketing. Part three, containing contributions with a strategic orientation, aims to give readers an indication of how broad the scope of the subject matter really is. The contributions represent some of the most current and interesting thinking and empirical research in the field, and have been chosen to reflect the way in which the theme of relationship marketing has matured and developed. They cover the three areas of interactions, networks, and relationships, but this book goes further by the way in which these topics are covered. The chapters include theoretical developments in the area, practical case studies, and also new methodologies that can be applied to the study of relationship marketing.
Manufacturer-Retailer Relationships in Germany: The Institutionalisation of Category Management (L. Araujo, S. Muzas). Relationship Marketing Management: The Internal and External Marketing Dimensions of Marketing Planning (D. Ballantyne). Adaptations in Buyer-Seller Relationships (R. Brennan, P. Turnbull). The Nature and Development of Inter-Organisational Relationships: A Network Perspective (M. Cheung, P. Turnbull). From Districts to Milieux: In Search of Network Boundaries (B. Cova et al .). Case Research as a Methodology for Industrial Networks: A Realist Apologia (G. Easton). Relationship Strategy: Decisions on Valuing and Managing Network Options (D. Ford et al .). The Burden of Relationships, or Who's Next? (H. Hakansson, I. Snehota). Time and Temporality in Research Design: A Review of Buyer-Seller Relationship Models (A. Halinen). The Impact of Groupware on Relationship Management (C. Holland, R. Phillips). Strategic Marketing: Tracing the Evolution in the Network Context of Competition (U. Juettner). Winning Bids for Technology Based Capital Equipment: The Significant but Variable Effect of Buyer-Supplier Relationships (D. Large, R. More). Grounded Theory as a Methodology in Industrial Network Theory (D. McLoughlin, S. deBurca). Relationships in Banking (J. Proenca, L. Castro).

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