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Neo-Transitional Economics Vol: 16

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11 Mar 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 155 x 231 x 36mm
International Finance Review


Post-transition countries are coming of age and are approaching the status of fully-blown developing states. While the main problems highlighted in a classical transition storyline, such as large-scale privatization, institutional formation, and private sector establishment have largely been solved, the recent financial crisis has revealed fresh challenges which demand maximum differentiated attention. Such important contemporary issues as capital markets formation, monetary transmission mechanism, economic integration, financial sector sophistication, remittance management, social welfare reform, and competitive fringes remain to be tackled in a systematic, policy-oriented manner. "Neo-Transitional Economics" fills this escalating literature gap by presenting a comprehensive collection of viewpoints from the established scholars and practitioners of the field. The ultimate goal of this book is to offer an all-encompassing policy toolkit for a successful overcoming of all contemporary challenges that lie ahead in the age of neo-transitional economics.
Neo-Transitional Economies: The Broad Context. Introduction to Neo-Transitional Economics. Development and Transition in Serbia: Economic Aspects. Regulatory Evolution, Multinational Firms, and Neo-Transition Economies. The Neo-Transitional Paradox: Restrictive Capital Regulations, Authoritarian State and Limited Welfare Type of Capitalism Examined in International Context. The Role of Corporate Governance in a Transitional Economy. Post-Soviet Transition: The Impact of Russian Influence on Institutions. Lending Rate Pass-through and Bank Heterogeneity in a High Interest Rate Environment: Evidence from Azerbaijan. The Influence of Macroeconomic Risks on Credit Risk in the Serbian Banks’ Loan Portfolio. Does Regulatory Environment affect Earnings Management in Transitional Economies? An Empirical Examination of the Financial Reporting Quality of Cross-Listed Firms of China and Hong Kong. Debt Sustainability Analysis for Emerging and Developing Markets: An Application on Transition Countries. Twin Deficits in European Transition Economies. Estimating Remittances in the Former Soviet Union: Methodological Complexities and Potential Solutions. No Convergence in the Central Eastern European New Member States: A Multi Indicator Analysis. About the Authors. About the Editors. Acknowledgment (Dedication). Copyright page. Neo-Transitional Economics. List of Contributors. International finance review. Neo-Transitional Economics.

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