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Native Games: Indigenous Peoples and Sports in the Post-Colonial World Vol: 7

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19 Jul 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Research in the Sociology of Sport


Research on Indigenous participation in sport offers many opportunities to better understand the political issues of equality, empowerment, self-determination and protection of culture and identity. This volume compares and conceptualises the sociological significance of Indigenous sports in different international contexts. The contributions, all written by Indigenous scholars and those working directly in Indigenous/Native Studies units, provide unique studies of contemporary experiences of Indigenous sports participation. The papers investigate current understandings of Indigeneity found to circulate throughout sports, sports organisations and Indigenous communities. by (1): situating attitudes to racial and cultural difference within the broader sociological processes of post colonial Indigenous worlds (2): interrogating perceptions of Indigenous identity with reference to contemporary theories of identity drawn from Indigenous Studies and (3): providing insight to increased Indigenous participation, empowerment and personal development through sport with reference to sociological theory.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Foreword. No ‘Museum Piece’: Aboriginal Games and Cultural Contestation in Subarctic Canada. Lassoing and Reindeer Racing Versus ‘Universal’ Sports: Various Routes to Sámi Identity Through Sports. ‘A Reservation Hero is a Hero Forever’: Basketball, Irony, and Humor in the Novels of James Welch, Sherman Alexie, and Stephen Graham Jones. Neoliberalism as Neocolonialism?: Considerations on the Marketisation of Waka Ama in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Towards Cultural Competence: How Incorporating M?ori Values Could Benefit New Zealand Sport. Resisting Critical Analyses: Gatekeeping Issues with Australian Indigenous ‘Subjects’. Sport for Development in Zambia: The New or not so New Colonisation?. The Legacy of Jack Johnson on Aboriginal Australia. Indigenous Reconciliation Games: Selling Australian Football as the New Game to the New South Africa. Youth Development Through Recreation: Eurocentric Influences and Aboriginal Self-Determination. Paradigm Lost: Indigenous Games and Neoliberalism in the South African Context. Hope and Strength(s) Through Physical Activity for Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples. Uncomfortable Icons: Uneasiness, Expectations, and American Indians in Sport. Native Games: Indigenous Peoples and Sports in the Post-Colonial World. Research in the Sociology of Sport. Native Games: Indigenous Peoples and Sports in the Post-Colonial World. Copyright page.

contributors cover wide swaths of the globe, including Canada, Norway, the US,

New Zealand, Australia, Zambia, and South Africa, and they address myriad

issues, ranging from sport and development, participation of indigenous peoples

in their traditional sports and in contemporary global sport to depictions of

indigenous sport in literature. Several engage with politically contentious

issues involving globalization, sport, and the often-vulnerable and overlooked

native peoples who are the real subjects of these explorations...This book will

be most welcome for specialists, who will find that some contributions fill

existing gaps in scholarship, and that others provide starting points for future

research."  - Choice Magazine, May 2014

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