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National Culture and Groups Vol: 9

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04 Jul 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
380 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Research on Managing Groups and Teams
This volume is based on the premise that in an era of rapid globalization, while there is a great deal of convergence on many aspects of group processes and interactions across national cultures, it is the understanding and appreciation of the divergence among people of different national cultural backgrounds that make all the difference. Contributors to this volume address two broad important questions: Do our theories of groups and teams functioning apply universally? And how do our theories apply, if at all, in multicultural settings? In addition, this volume highlights new exciting topics in the cross-cultural area: power, time, creativity, emotions, networks, and multi-cultural diversity. Together, the chapters attest to the fact that study of national culture is flourishing and important. It not only informs but also modifies and enriches theories and research of group processes and social behavior. The collective effort in this book should stimulate further inquiry regarding the role of national culture in the increasingly globalized human experience. This book features an international representation. It addresses a variety of group processes. It investigates group processes in a multi-cultural environment (i.e., a global company).
LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS NATIONAL CULTURE AND GROUPS: AN INTRODUCTION Ya-Ru Chen PART I: COMPARING GROUP PROCESSES ACROSS CULTURES Toward an Understanding of Psychological Distance Reduction Between Generations: A Cross-cultural Perspective Morela Hernandez, Ya-Ru Chen, and Kimberly A. Wade-Benzoni Culture and Control: How Independent and Interdependent Selves Experience Agency and Constraint Tanya Menon, and Jeanne Ho-Ying Fu Power, Culture, and Action: Considerations in the Expression and Enactment of Power in East Asian and Western Societies Chen-Bo Zhong, Joe C. Magee, William W. Maddux, and Adam D. Galinsky A Model of Paternalistic Organizational Control and Group Creativity Jing Zhou Dynamics of Trust in Guanxi Networks Roy Yong-Joo Chua and Michael W. Morris Temporality in negotiations: A cultural perspective Sungu Armagan, Manuel P. Ferreira, Bryan L. Bonner, and Gerardo A. Okhuysen Culture, Affect, and Social Influence in Decision Making Groups Lu Wang, Lorna Doucet, Gregory Northcraft Question Comprehension and Response: Implications of Individualism and Collectivism Ayse K. Uskul amd Daphna Oyserman PART II: GROUP PROCESSES IN MULTI-CULTURAL SETTINGS Managing the Intercultural Interface: Third Cultures, Antecedents, and Consequences Wendi Adair, Catherine Tinsley, and Masako Taylor Managing Challenges in Multicultural Teams Kristin Behfar, Mary Kern, and Jeanne Brett An Emotion Process Model for Multicultural Teams Hillary Anger Elfenbein and Aiwa Shirako Cultural Intelligence and the Multinational Team Experience: Does the Experience of Working in a Multinational Team Improve Cultural Intelligence Lisa M. Moynihan, Randall S. Peterson, and P. Christopher Earley Global Work Culture and Global Identity, as a Platform for a Shared Understanding in Multicultural Teams Efrat Shokef and Miriam Erez Bringing Culture to the Table Marilynn B. Brewer

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