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NGOs and Social Responsibility Vol: 1

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08 Sep 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
232 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility


It is increasingly being accepted that there is a benefit to both parties when a relationship is established between an NGO and a company. Consequently a considerable number of strategic alliances have been established. It must be accepted that such alliances are not necessarily mutually beneficial but little research has been undertaken to determine the factors which facilitate or mitigate against such mutual benefit. Indeed it is only recently that such relationship shave started to be examined at all. The contributions in this volume seek to redress this by researching various aspects of such relationships in order to arrive at some conclusions regarding the potential benefits and pitfalls of such relationships. The various contributors speak from different perspectives and different locations around the world and have different experiences and interpretations to offer. The results therefore present a diverse but balanced picture of the potential of any relationship between NGOs, companies and corporate social responsibility.
About the contributors. Preface. Foreword. Introduction. Chapter 1 Non-governmental CSR: An agenda for research. Chapter 2 Governance from below and global governance: Accommodating change. Chapter 3 CSR and NGOs: A relationship of governance?. Introduction. Chapter 4 Non-governmental organizations as outsourcing in corporate philanthropy. Chapter 5 Curricula strategies in university graduate MBA programs: The demands of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Chapter 6 Destructive creation: A surfeit of NGO's. Introduction. Chapter 7 Corporate volunteering in Portugal. Chapter 8 Cerro de San Pedro: Grass roots movements in co-operation and conflict to stop a living city from disappearing. Chapter 9 Sustainability and the modern zoo. Author Index. Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility. Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility. Copyright page. List of Contributors.

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