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Music and Law Vol: 18

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11 Nov 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 152 x 229 x 28mm
Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance


This volume deals with various social-science perspectives on law and legal control pertaining to music in a variety of contexts. Under influence of important recent social developments, especially in the realm of communications technology, the world of music has been changing very rapidly and profoundly these past decades. As a result, the world of music, especially popular music, has been subject to a range of new legal issues. This volume brings together some 15 scholars to contribute their respective chapters on the socio-legal aspects involved in music as a social reality. The chapters address various pertinent questions from the perspective of socio-legal studies, sociology of law, jurisprudence, and related social and behavioral sciences. The issues addressed can range from matters of formal law and legislation to law-related behavior, deviance, and informal normative structures and processes that have a relevance to music, whether in a contemporary or historical setting. Thematically diverse within the province of the social and behavioral sciences related to law, the chapters in this volume are not restricted in terms of theoretical approach and methodological orientation.
List of Contributors. Introduction: The laws of music. If reagan played disco: Rocking out and selling out with the talking heads of political campaigns and their unauthorized use of music. Graduated responses to online piracy: Approaches taken in the united states and around the world. Music identities, individualization, and ownership shifts: Empowering a litigious paradigm of copyright protection. The band: Artistic, legal, and financial structures which shape modern music. The policy of electro-amplified popular music in France: The liberal context and the regulation of rebellious cultures. Strategic Afro-modernism, dynamic hybridity, and bebop’s sociopolitical significance. Cultural norms of Japanese folk and traditional music. Scraping the barrel of analogue amnesia: The soft rescue of magnetic obscurity over the final embers of ‘expanded’ pop stardom. Prison and pop. Understanding deviant music. Stolen or released music? The social construction of piracy in Italy. Empirical insights into recorded music consumer behavior and copyright infringement. Music and law. Sociology of Crime Law and Deviance. Music and law. Copyright page.

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