Multimodality, Meaning, and Institutions Vol: 54, Part A

Markus A. Höllerer
WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria & UNSW Sydney Business School, Australia

Thibault Daudigeos
Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

Dennis Jancsary
WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

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06 Dec 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
The insight that institutions, and the communicative practices that create, sustain, and challenge them, are multimodal accomplishments has garnered increasing attention from scholars in organization and management research over the last decade. Traditional understanding of social knowledge and meaning as being constituted primarily through verbal discourse has been challenged and extended by work that has promoted the centrality of visual, material, and other sign systems (e.g., audio, gestures, layout) for constructing social reality.  

While some discursive approaches to organizations and institutions have acknowledged the existence and relevance of modes other than the verbal for some time, systematic research on multimodality has remained rather sparse. In particular, the interaction and orchestration of multiple modes remains terra incognita with considerable empirical, methodological, and theoretical stakes. 

Together, 54A and 54B of Research in the Sociology of Organizations investigate these issues with innovative research that focuses on the relationship between different modes in the emergence, diffusion, maintenance, and challenge of social meanings and institutions. Individual contributions demonstrate the potential of multimodal approaches to rejuvenate and extend the study of institutions, they revisit research on classic phenomena in organization theory through a multimodal lens, and advance the design of relevant and rigorous methods of analysis for the study of multimodal communicative practices.
Introduction: Multimodality, Meaning, And Institutions; Markus A. Höllerer, Thibault Daudigeos and Dennis Jancsary
Part One: Pushing Forward the Multimodal Agenda in Organization Studies 
1. Multimodal Imaginaries and The “Big Worm”: Materialities, Artefacts and Analogies in São Paulo’s Urban Renovation; Felippe De Medeiros Oliveira, Gazi Islam and Maria Laura Toraldo  
2. A Call for "Strong" Multimodal Research in Institutional Theory; Tammar B. Zilber 
Part Two: Methodological Advances in Multimodal Research 
3. Institutions as Multimodal Accomplishments: Towards The Analysis of Visual Registers; Dennis Jancsary, Renate E. Meyer, Markus A. Höllerer and Eva Boxenbaum  
4. Protest in Style: Exploring Multimodal Concision in Rhetorical Artifacts; Wenyao (Will) Zhao  
Part Three: Multimodality and The Institutionalization of Innovations 
5. Towards A Multimodal Model of Theorization Processes; Mélodie Cartel, Sylvain Colombero and Eva Boxenbaum 
6. A Multimodal Investigation of the Institutionalization of Aesthetic Design as A Dimension of Competition in The Pc Industry; Micki Eisenman  
7. Let The Games Begin: Institutional Complexity and The Design of New Products; Raissa Pershina and Birthe Soppe
Markus A. Höllerer is Professor of Public Management and Governance at Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, and is also Senior Scholar in Organization Theory at UNSW Sydney Business School, Australia.
Thibault Daudigeos is Professor of Organization Studies at Grenoble School of Management, France, and Head of the Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations (AFMO) Research Team. 
Dennis Jancsary is Assistant Professor at the Institute for Organization Studies at Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria.

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