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Multi-Criteria Applications Vol: 10

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14 Feb 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
244 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Applications of Management Science
This is a blind refereed serial publication published on an annual basis. The objective of the research annual is to present state-of-the-art studies in the application of management science to the solution of significant managerial decision-making problems. It is hoped that the research annual will aid in the dissemination of the actual applications of management science. This series emphasizes the application of a specific management science technique area (that is, networks, multi-criteria decision making, nonlinear programming, or simulation) to applications in both the private and public sectors.
Multi-Criteria Applications of Operations Management: Multi-objective, multi-product, multi-period discrete list size scheduling model, (J. Gonzalez); The phase-out and relocation of a manufacturing facility from supply chain perspective: a case study, (E. Melachrinoudes, H. Min); Multiple criteria modeling for determining optimal lost sizes for Signal Kanban, (K.D. Lawrence et al.). Multi-Criteria Applications of Financial Management: A nonlinear programming approach to product bundling of add in services, (J.H. Orange, N.K. Kwak); An analytic model for credit analysis, (D. O'Leary); A multi-criteria model for predicting corporate bankruptcy using the analytic hierarchy process, (K. Hogan et al.); An application of the analytic hierarchy process and multi-objective programming internet portfolio analysis, (A.M. Schneiderjans, M. Schneiderjans). Multi-Criteria Applications in Selected Areas of Management: An integrated multi-criteria mathematical programming model for resource allocation in university affiliated health care systems, (N.K. Kwak, C.W. Lee); A multi-criteria model for a two-dimensional warranty policy, (A. Mitra, J.G. Patanka); Optimal trade-off analysis of agricultural policy - a multiple criteria multiple economics situation model, (Young Shi, Shuanglin Lin); A logarithm goal programming-based technique for addressing the executive selection problem, (N. Bryson, A. Joseph); A multiple criteria approach to the estimation of origin-destination matrices from traffic counts, (K.D. Lawrence et al.); Objective space analysis of a multiple criteria linear programming model for capital budgeting, (Yi-Hsin Liu, J.P. Dauer); Difficulties in solving network multiple objective linear programming problems, (R.E. Steuer, C. Percy).

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