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Multi Level Issues in Creativity and Innovation Vol: 7

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29 Feb 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 152 x 229 x 42mm
Research in Multi Level Issues
"Multi-Level Issues in Creativity and Innovation" is Volume 7 of "Research in Multi-Level Issues", an annual series that provides an outlet for the discussion of multi-level problems and solutions across a variety of fields of study. Using a scientific debate format of a key scholarly essay followed by two commentaries and a rebuttal, we present, in this series, theoretical work, significant empirical studies, methodological developments, analytical techniques, and philosophical treatments to advance the field of multi-level studies, regardless of disciplinary perspective.Similar to Volumes 1 through 6 (Yammarino & Dansereau, 2002, 2004, 2006; Dansereau & Yammarino, 2003, 2005, 2007), this volume, Volume 7, edited by Mumford, Hunter, and Bedell-Avers, contains five major essays with commentaries and rebuttals that cover a range of topics, but in the realms of creativity and innovation. In particular, the five critical essays offer extensive literature reviews, new model developments, methodological advancements, and some data for the study of creativity and social influence, innovation and planning, creativity and cognitive processes, sub-system configuration, and new venture emergence. While each of the major essays, and associated commentaries and rebuttals, is unique in orientation, they show a common bond in raising and addressing multi-level issues or discussing problems and solutions that involve multiple levels of analysis in creativity and innovation. It provides in-depth scholarly information on multiple level issues in organizations and time. It is international in scope.
Social influence and creativity in organizations: A multi-level lens for theory, research, and practice. Social influence, creativity, and innovation: Boundaries, brackets, and non-linearity. Creativity research should be a social science. Facing ambiguity in organizational creativity research: Choices made in the mud. Planning for innovation: A multi-level perspective. Templates for innovation. Innovation as a contested terrain: Planned creativity and innovation versus emergent creativity and innovation. Constraints on innovation: Planning as a context for creativity. Creativity and cognitive processes: Multi-level linkages between individual and team cognition. Team creativity: More than the sum of its parts?. Team cognition: The importance of team process and composition for the creative problem-solving process. Beyond cognitive processes: Antecedents and influences on team cognition. Subsystem configuration: A model of strategy, context, and human resources management alignment. Linking innovation and creativity with human resources strategies and practices: A matter of fit or flexibility?. Multi-level strategic HRM: Facilitating competitive advantage through social networks and supply chains. A model of strategy, context, and human resource management alignment. A multi-level process view of new venture emergence. A multi-level process view of new-venture emergence: Impressive first step toward a model. Do levels and phases always happen together? Questions for considering the case of new-venture emergence. Recursive links affecting the dynamics of new-venture emergence. About the Authors. About the Editors. List of Contributors. Overview: Multi-level issues in creativity and innovation.

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