Movies, Music and Memory: Tools for Wellbeing in Later Life

Julia Hallam
University of Liverpool, UK

Lisa Shaw
University of Liverpool, UK

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15 Apr 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
184 pages - 129 x 198mm
Emerald Studies in the Humanities, Ageing and Later Life
Presenting research findings from recent studies which use innovative, creative approaches, including pilot projects led by the authors in the UK and Brazil, this book provides an accessible, timely, practical and jargon-free overview of how music and films are currently used in nursing homes, dementia wards and day-care centres for the older population. 

Drawing on the expertise of researchers, health care professionals and carers, the book looks at the experience of both stakeholder groups - carers and the cared-for. It provides useful, unique insights into how we might tackle the pressing real-world challenge posed by an ageing global population and attendant increase in the number of those living with dementia. 

Complemented by a downloadable ‘best-practice’ toolkit that contains tips and materials relating to film- and music-related activities for use by carers (both professionals and family members), this book fills a gap in the market by providing both academic responses and practical solutions to a critical global challenge.
Introduction. Mapping the Terrain: Film and Music in Third-Age Care; Julia Hallam, Lisa Shaw and Jacqueline Waldock 
Chapter 1. Cinema, Memory and Wellbeing: Pilot Projects in Liverpool and Brazil; Lisa Shaw and Julia Hallam
Chapter 2. Music, Memory and Wellbeing: A Pilot Project in Liverpool; Jacqueline Waldock and Sara Cohen
Chapter 3. Music and Film in Dementia Care in Brazil and on Merseyside; Lisa Shaw and Clarissa Giebel
Conclusions and Future Developments; Lisa Shaw and Julia Hallam 
Afterword; Ros Jennings
Julia Hallam is Professor Emerita, Communication and Media (University of Liverpool). A former nurse and health visitor, her research focuses on issues of representation and cultural identity in film and popular culture.

Lisa Shaw is Professor of Brazilian Studies (University of Liverpool), where she leads the ‘Cinema, Memory and Wellbeing’ impact and outreach project. She publishes widely on Brazilian popular music and film.

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