Mothering from the Inside: Research on motherhood and imprisonment

Kelly Lockwood
University of Salford, UK

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16 Sep 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229mm
Based on empirical research, this edited collection brings attention to the experiences and perspectives of women who are 'mothering from the inside', along with those of their children, families and wider support networks. Exploring a range of distinct, yet interrelated, issues explicitly associated with maternal imprisonment, the collection is separated into two parts. Part I, 'From sentence to resettlement', explores sentencing, maintaining maternal contact, pregnancy and childbirth, and resettlement, whilst also attending to the lived experiences and needs of children with a mother in prison. Part II, 'From the margins to the centre', explores diverse perspectives in relation to mothering and imprisonment, highlighting the importance of understanding how factors such as age and mental health intersect with mothers' lived experiences of and responses to imprisonment. The perspectives of prison officers as mothers are also considered, along with international perspectives on mothering and imprisonment, identifying key issues of commonality and difference.  

Ultimately, the book highlights the challenges of – and barriers to – mothering and imprisonment, whilst also illustrating the adaptive strategies adopted in order to resist and/or survive the impact of maternal imprisonment. In doing so, the collection highlights cross-disciplinary themes to encourage debate in relation to issues in contemporary practice. 

The book is essential reading for scholars and students in the areas of criminology, sociology, social policy and law.
Part I - From Sentence to Resettlement: experiences of maternal imprisonment 
Chapter 1. The Importance of Motherhood in Sentencing Decisions; Shona Minson 
Chapter 2. Maintaining family ties: How family practices are renegotiated to promote mother-child contact: Natalie Booth 
Chapter 3. Negotiating, pregnancy, new motherhood and imprisonment; Laura Abbott & Kelly Lockwood. 
Chapter 4. What about me?”: The impact on children when mothers are involved in the criminal justice system; Sarah Beresford, Jenny Earle, Nancy Loucks, Anne Pinkman
Chapter 5. ‘A Life Sentence’: The long-term impact of maternal imprisonment; Lucy Baldwin
Part II – From the margins to the centre: diverse perspectives of mothering and imprisonment 
Chapter 6. The ties that bind: stories of women in prison who are mothers to older adult children; Kelly Lockwood. 
Chapter 7. Pregnancy in prison, mental health and alternative approaches; Rachel Dolan 
Chapter 8. The Gendered Nature of Prison Work: empathy, mothering and emotions of female officers in a women’s prison; Toni Wood. 
Chapter 9. Practical Support for Children with a Mother in Prison. Reflections from a practitioner; Lorna Brookes
Chapter 10. International Perspectives on Mothering and Imprisonment; Helen Codd. Conclusion; Conclusion: Moving forward, Kelly Lockwood.
Kelly Lockwood is Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Salford, UK. Her doctoral research explored the narratives of mothers in prison, and she has both practice- and research-based experience of working with women involved in the criminal justice system.

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