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Monitoring the Standards of Education: Papers in Honor of John P. Keeves

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22 Jul 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
288 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm


Monitoring the standards of school achievement is a topic which has been subject to increasing attention of late. This book aims to add clarity and fuel to this ongoing debate by answering such questions as: Why should standards of education be monitored? Which are the major steps to be undertaken in setting and monitoring cognitive and affective achievement standards? Which indicators can be used and, how should they be measured?
Section headings: List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. A Tribute to John P. Keeves. Monitoring the Standards in Education: Why and How it Came About (T. Husen, A. Tuijnman). Monitoring and Evaluation in Different Education Systems (T.N. Postlethwaite). The Design of Indicator Systems (N. Bottani, A. Tuijnman). Toward an Empirical Taxonomy of World Education Systems (H.J. Walberg, G. Zhang, V. Daniel). Approaches to Setting and Selecting Achievement Standards (R.M. Thomas). The Validity and Reliability of Outcome Measures (R.M. Wolf). The Monitoring of Cognitive Outcomes (I. Mullis, E. Owen). The Monitoring of Affective Outcomes (J.V. Torney-Purta). The Determination of Cut Scores for Standards (E.J. Gonzalez, A.E. Beaton). Methods and Issues in Setting Performance Standards (G. Phillips). Assessment of Educational Change: A Review of Selected Threats to Validity (M.L. Bourque). International Standards for Educational Comparisons (A. Schleicher). About the Authors. Author Index. Subject Index. 10 line illus., 1 half-tone illus.

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