Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary Russia

Bruno S. Sergi
Harvard University, USA

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23 May 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
328 pages - 152 x 229mm
Russia is one of the world's largest growing economies. With this exciting new growth and development, there is a wealth of knowledge to be discovered from the strategies and models being used and created throughout Russia’s economy. 
Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary Russia portrays and sets pieces of Russia's growth strategies to produce an extraordinary record of economic analysis. A leading expert in emerging markets, editor Bruno S. Sergi and a cast of experienced Russian academics offer a wealth of questions and critical examples on Russia that are delivered through a sound framework and provide unique knowledgeable support and interdisciplinary research about modeling a sound growth strategy for Russia. Through various chapters on financial development and economic growth, Sergi explores the fascinating landscape of Russia's economy, including chapters on green investment; education and inclusive development; sustainability; smart cities; international cooperation; and innovation-based growth. 
For anyone interested in international economics, or students of emerging economies and markets, this is a fundamental study of an area that has never before been studied in such depth.
1. Financial Development and Economic Growth in Russia; Konstantin V. Krinichansky and Bruno S. Sergi 
2. The Bank of Russia: Modelling Parameters of Financial Sustainability in Low-Growth and High-Volatility Environment; Zoya A. Pilipenko 
3. Financial Stability: Modelling the Russian budgetary and tax policy with fiscal multipliers' attraction; Andrey I. Pilipenko, Vasiliy I. Dikhtiar, Nina M. Baranova, and Zoya A. Pilipenko 
4. How to Create Competitive Organization, Leveraging Strategic Capabilities in Russia; Natalia Guseva and Vera Rebiazina 
5. Russia's transition to an innovation-based growth: problems and opportunities; Yuri Simachev and Mikhail Kuzyk 
6. Education and Inclusive Development: Puzzle of Low-Learning Equilibrium; Andrey I. Pilipenko, Olga Pilipenko, Zoya A. Pilipenko  
7. Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership's Projects: Budget consolidation policy in Russia and government expenditures' efficiency increase; Yan Vaslavskiy and Irina Vaslavskaya 
8. The Agro-Industrial Complex: Tendencies, Scenarios, and Policies; Bruno S. Sergi, Elena G. Popkova, Aleksei V. Bogoviz, and Yulia V. Ragulina  
9. Smart Cities and Economic Growth in Russia; Bruno S. Sergi, Andrey Berezin, Natalia Gorodnova, Inna Andronova 
10. Green Investment in Russia as a New Economic Stimulus; Elena B. Zavyalova and Nikolay V. Studenikin
Bruno S. Sergi teaches on emerging markets and the political economy of Russia and China at Harvard University; he is an Associate of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard, and he is the Series Editor of Cambridge Elements in the Economics of Emerging Markets. He is the author of Exploring the Future of Russias Economy and Markets: Towards Sustainable Economic Development.

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