Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary Belarus

Bruno S. Sergi
Harvard University, USA

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08 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
400 pages - 152 x 229mm
Entrepreneurship and Global Economic Growth
Since 1991, the eyes of the world have been on the economic growth and development of the states that formerly made up the Soviet Union. Looking at Belarus’s industrial structure, economic growth, and economic prospects, this edited collection analyses why Belarus is considered ahead of many of its neighbour states in terms of human development.  

Looking across both medium- and long-term economic growth, editor Bruno S. Sergi brings together a cast of expert contributors to analyse the foreign and domestic policies that affect Belarus’s economy. Across the 20 chapters included in the book, the contributors explore the largest industries in Belarus, including the financial, technology, tourism, and energy industries. With chapters on foreign investments, exports and imports, and regional policy, this is a text that looks across the whole breadth of the economy.  

Finally, the contributors suggest factors to increase the growth of Belarus’s economy, such as launching smart cities, expanding logistic services and the tourism and hospitality industry, and the modernization of the agrarian sector. 

For students and researchers in political economy, or international economics, this is a vital text exploring an important, but underrepresented, economy.
1. Belarus in Global Ratings: Position and Dynamics; Nina Bohdan and Veronika Garkavaya 
2. FinTech and Commercial Banking Development in Belarus; Irina Karachun, Aleksey Korotkevich, and Dzmitry Marushka 
3. Future of the Belarusian IT Sector: From IT Outsourcing to Industry 4.0?; Uladzimir Parkhimenka 
4. Industrial Development, Structural Changes and Industrial Policy in Belarus; Vyacheslav Shutilin, Andrey Filiptsou, and Yuliya Vashkevich 
5. Technological Parks, Clusters and Innovation Networks: Expected Transformation of Innovative Sector; Aleksey Korotkevich, Irina Karachun, Dzmitry Marushka, Hanna Vashchyla 
6. Belarus on the Way to Sustainable Development: Circular Economy and Green Technologies; Olga Shimova 
7. Changes in Fuel End Energy Industry: What to Expect after the Launch of Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant?; Tatsiana Zoryna 
8. Agrarian Sector: Trends, Scenarios, Policy; Natallia Kireyenka 
9. How to Make Money on Geography: Transportation and Logistics Services in Belarus; Anna A. Koroleva and Alina A. Dutina 
10. The Development of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry; Aliaksandr I. Tarasionak and Viktoryia M. Dziadok 
11. Education and Innovation Growth: Establishing Entrepreneurial Universities; Alena Vankevich 
12. Public-Private Partnerships and Social Innovation in Belarus; Maryna Karpitskaya 
13. Administrative Arrangement, Spatial Development and Regional Policy in Belarus; Vladimir S. Fateyev 
14. Smart Cities; Volha Holubava 
15. What Belarus Produces, Exports and Imports: Analyzing Trade in Value Added; Аliaksei Bykau and Stanislau Vysotski 
16. Foreign Investments and TNCs; Aleksey V. Danilchenko, Elena V. Bertosh, Pavel P. Artsemyeu, and Roman D. Osipov 
17. The Policy of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus to Ensure Financial Stability: Achievements, Problems and Prospects; Ludmila Stefanovich 
18. Improving Fiscal Policies: Evolution or Revolution?; Elena Kireeva and Irina Loukianova 
19. Economic Growth in Belarus: Analysis, Forecasts and Scenarios; Vladimir Shimov, Aliaksei Bykau, and Tatsiana Khvalko 
20. Foreign Economic Policy of Belarus: Integration and Multi-Vector; Alla Pranevich and Aksana Shkutsko
Bruno S. Sergi teaches on emerging markets and the political economy of Russia and China at Harvard University; he is an Associate of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard, and he is the Series Editor of Cambridge Elements in the Economics of Emerging Markets. He is the author of Exploring the Future of Russia's Economy and Markets: Towards Sustainable Economic Development.

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