Mobile Technologies in Children’s Language and Literacy: Innovative Pedagogy in Preschool and Primary Education

Grace Oakley
University of Western Australia, Australia

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01 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
192 pages - 152 x 229mm
Mobile technologies can facilitate different kinds of learning, in a range of contexts. They can also enable innovative and powerful ways of participating in collaborative learning. This book examines the ways in which mobile technologies may contribute to, change, or disrupt literacy learning in children up to the age of twelve. Also explored is the impact mobile technologies may have on literacy definitions and practices; learning environments; student, parent and teacher roles and interactions; power relations in education; and social and material interactions. Contributing authors include eminent researchers and innovative practitioners from around the world, who share their insights on the possible roles of mobile technologies in literacy practices and education. This book explores how educators might harness mobile technologies to equip literacy learners for the 21st century, as well as considering how mobile technologies may help to enhance access to quality literacy education for children in developing countries.
Mobile Technologies in Language and Literacy Practice and Learning in Preschool and Primary School Children; Grace Oakley 
Young Children's Imaginative Play and Dynamic Literacy Practices in the Digital Age; Sara Sintonen, Kristiina Kumpulainen and Jenni Vartiainen 
A Gallery of Practices – Mobile Learning, Language, Literacy and the Arts (K-6); Kathy Rushton and Jon Callow Introducing Coding as a Literacy on Mobile Devices in the Early Years; Chris Walsh and Claire Campbell 
Digital Storytelling as a Pedagogy to Develop Literacy and 21st Century Competencies in a Singapore Primary School: Teachers as Designers; Mohamed Melwami, Lee Yong Tay and Cher Ping Lim 
Mobile Devices and Multimodal Textual Practices; Amy Hutchison and Beth Beschorner 
Mobile Tools for Literacy Learning Across the Curriculum in Primary Schools; Jan Clarke 
Mobilising Critical Literacies: Text Production in Children's Hands; Lisa Kervin, Annette Woods, Barbara Comber and Aspa Baroutsis 
Personalised Learning with Digital Technologies at Home and School: Where Is Children's Agency?; Natalia Kucirkova 
Supporting Children's Literacy Learning in Low- and Middle-Income Countries through M-Learning; Grace Oakley and Umera Imtinan
Grace Oakley is a teacher educator and researcher at the Graduate School of Education, University of Western Australia, Australia. She has a particular interest in literacy education for children in their early and primary school years, and she has published articles in scholarly journals on the use of mobile technologies such as tablets to support literacy learning.

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