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Mirrors and Prisms: Interrogating Accounting Vol: 9

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20 Nov 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
196 pages - 156 x 234 x 12mm
Advances in Public Interest Accounting


This research publication has two major aims. First, to provide a forum for researchers concerned with critically appraising and significantly transforming conventional accounting theory, practice, teaching and research. Second, to increase the social self-awareness of accounting practitioners, educators, and researchers, encouraging them to assume a greater responsibility for the profession's social role. With chapters on topics as wide as gender, ethnicity and demographic factors influencing promotions to managers for auditors, and auditors' compliance with employment eligibility verification, this collection features papers by leading academics from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.
Gender, ethnicity and demographic factors influencing promotions to managers for auditors - an empirical analysis, A. Anandarajan et al.; Captured within masculine accounting - accountability of non-profit organisations, N. Buckmaster; Performance evaluation relating to MAS decisions - rater age, ratee sex and level of performance, J. Chung; The view from inside - employee perceptions of the large professional services firms, K.L. Hooks, P.B. Thomas; An analysis of accounting for business combinations from decision usefulness and accountability perspectives, G. Joseph; The effect of FAS 106 on chief executive compensation, L. Kren, B.A. Leauby; A new look at auditors' reactions toward substance versus form in financial reporting, S.C. Martens, J.E. McEnroe; Auditors' compliance with employment eligibility verification form I-9 of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, F. Okcabol.

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