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Migration as Creative Practice: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Migration

Dieu Hack-Polay
University of Lincoln, UK

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald
University of Lincoln, UK

Abigail Hunt
University of Lincoln, UK

Agnieszka Rydzik
University of Lincoln, UK

Gary Bosworth
University of Lincoln, UK

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13 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
260 pages - 152 x 229mm
Migration Practice as Creative Practice: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Migration presents an in-depth evaluation of the contributions made by migrants to modern socio-economic structures. 

Leading with discussion of the historical construction of migration and what it signifies in the modern globalised economies, an interdisciplinary range of contributors examine the interaction of migrants with new cultures, as well as migrants’ acculturation into the new environments and what that signifies for community relations. The book also discusses the creative energies that migrant inject in the economic structures in both private and public spheres. 

Migration Practice as Creative Practice shows particular interest to how migrants use their social lives, lived experiences, and the process of identity formation, as well as their histories and families to inject positive ‘newness’ into host cultural and economic architectures. It calls for more creative ways of researching migrant movements and lived experiences, and brings to life the different ways of approaching migrant research for scholars today.
Chapter 1. Introduction
PART 1. Historical And Contemporary Perspectives On Migration
Chapter 2. The Historical Construction Of Migration
Chapter 3. Contemporary Discourses On Migrant: The Role Of The Media
PART 2. Migrants, Culture And Identity
Chapter 4. Migration And Its Cultural Dynamic Capabilities
Chapter 5. Embodying The Spirit Of Globalisation
Chapter 6. Citizenship, Hybridity, Embeddedness And Dual Embeddedness
Chapter 7. Inter-Migrant And Inter-Community Relations
PART 3. Migrants And Economic Structures
Chapter 8. The Employment Situation Of Migrant Workers And Their Experience Of Work Life Pressures Chapter 9. Women’s Post-Migration Narratives Of Entrepreneurial Becoming
Chapter 10. Migrants As Creative Economic Forces And Contributions To The UK Local Economy
PART 4. Creative Research Methodologies
Chapter 11. Resilience Network Orentations As A New Approach In Reframing Migrants’ Employment Underperformance And Economic Dependency Rhetoric: New Directions For Migration Studies
Chapter 12. Metaphors In Migration Research: Beyond The Obvious
Chapter 13. Narrative
Chapter 14. Migrant Contributions To Australian Society
Chapter 15. A Humble Servant For Queen And Equality
Chapter 16. The Tragic Death Of Altab Ali And The Beginning Of Confrontation Against Racism And Fascism
Chapter 17. Conclusion

Dieu Hack-Polay is Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader in Organisational Behaviour and Management at Lincoln International Business School, UK. He is co-author of African diaspora direct investment: establishing the economic and socio-cultural rationale (2018)

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald is Distinguished Professor of Film in the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. She is the author of There's No Place Like Home: The Migrant Child in World Cinema (2017)

Abigail Hunt is Head of Department for Marketing and Tourism in Lincoln International Business School.

Agnieszka Rydzik is Lecturer in Tourism at Lincoln International Business School.

Gary Bosworth is Professor of Entrepreneurship at iNCITE Research Centre, Northumbria University.

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