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Metropolitan Ruralities Vol: 23

Terry Marsden
Cardiff University, UK

Kjell Andersson
Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Stefan Sjöblom
University of Helsinki, Finland

Leo Granberg
University of Helsinki, Finland

Peter Ehrström
Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Terry Marsden
Cardiff University, UK

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29 Jul 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Research in Rural Sociology and Development
During modernity metropolitan ruralities have been regarded as land reserves for urban expansion. However, there is a growing insight that there are limits to the urban expansion into rural areas. Signs of a new position are the awakened interest in the nature, the authentic and the simple way of living among an urban, academically educated middle class, an actual instance of which is the interest in local food but which also is manifested in rural gentrification. However, a more hardcore turn to nature is also discernible in the renewed interest for green lungs and for eco-services more broadly. In the future, local post-fossil energy may be a main concern regarding rural eco-services utilised by urban areas. We can here imagine flows and exchanges that may demand heavy societal regulation and thus be one of the main objects of future democracy. However, despite these developments urban (and rural) policy and planning is still tightly connected to the modern expansion of the urban into the rural. There are signs of new developments and paradigm shifts but these have to be strengthened to lay the ground for rural-urban resilience.
1. Introduction - Kjell Andersson, Stefan Sjo¨Blom, Leo Granberg, Peter Ehrstro¨M and Terry Marsden PART I: URBAN SPRAWL 2. Neither Urban nor Rural: Urban Growth, Economic Functions and the Use of Land in the Mediterranean Fringe - Luca Salvati 3. The Rural-Urban Dynamics and the Swedish-Speaking Finns. Challenges and Opportunities for a Regionally Based Ethnic Group - Kjell Andersson, Kenneth Nordberg and Erland Eklund PART II: RURBANISATION 4. Long Wave of Rural Research from Combating Poverty to Sustaining Ecosystems - Leo Granberg 5. Relations and Areas of Interaction Between Landowners in a Peri-Urban Area - Ann-Sofie Richardt 6. Transformation and Survival Strategy - Rural Gentrification and Social Sustainability in Gentrified Metropolitan and Urban Ruralities, the Case of Sundom, Vaasa, Finland - Peter Ehrstrom PART III: GOVERNANCE 7. Envisioning Opportunities for Agriculture in Peri-Urban Areas - Elke Rogge, Eva Kerselaers and Charlotte Prove 8. Programme- and Project-Based Metropolitan Governance and Citizen Participation: a Case Study from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area - Kanerva Kuokkanen 9. The Prospects for Bridging Spatial and Institutional Divides Within Regions: Rural-Urban Relationships in a Projectified Governance Context - Stefan Sjoblom and Kjell Andersson 10. Regional Spatial Planning, Government and Governance as Recipe for Sustainable Development? - Andrea Frank and Terry Marsden PART IV: METABOLISM 11. Exploring Innovation and Sustainability in the Metropolitan Rural Areas of Budapest and Paris - Bernadett Csurgo, Imre Kovach and Nicole Mathieu 12. Urban Food Strategies. Exploring Definitions and Diffusion of European Cities’ Latest Policy Trend - Agnese Cretella 13. Conclusion - Kjell Andersson, Stefan Sjoblom, Leo Granberg, Peter Ehrstrom and Terry Marsden
Edited by Kjell Andersson, Abo Akademi University, Vaasa, Finland Stefan Sjoblom Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland Leo Granberg, Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland Peter Ehrstrom, Abo Akademi University, Vaasa, Finland Terry Marsden, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Metropolitan Ruralities explores many of the complex rural/ urban relationships of our time. While previously rural areas were seen as reserves for urban expansion, there is now finally recognition that such a path, if unabated, could threaten human existence. This volume coherently makes this argument. This excellent volume addresses some of the most critical questions about the rural/ urban nexus. It raises complex questions about governance, the consumption of the rural, and focuses on the important dimensions of social class, gender and global location. The important argument is made that the urban-rural fringe needs to be examined as a space in and for itself, rather than a space for something else, and this is an important contribution to current debates on spatial flows. The volume is coherently organised around the four themes of urban sprawl, urbanisation, governance and metabolism. It brings together leading scholars and it is a volume that will be valuable for academics and PhD researchers across the globe. - Professor Sally Shortall, Head of School, Queens University Belfast

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