Methodological Issues in Management Research: Advances, Challenges and the Way Ahead

Rabi N. Subudhi
KIIT University, India

Sumita Mishra
KIIT University, India

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11 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
352 pages - 152 x 229mm
Using contemporary examples of business and management research, predominantly within the context of India, this book offers numerous tools and techniques which can be applied to a diverse range of needs in social science research.  

With contributions from subject-experts in the field of research methodology and teachers of research methodology courses in leading business schools and universities of India, the book covers the essentials of management research. Covering both qualitative and quantitative research, topics discussed include:
  • literature reviews 
  • research designs
  • qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • grounded theory research
  • questionnaires, focus groups, and interviews
  • hypothesis testing
  • case study research 
  • emerging trends in research and some advanced analysis. 
Specially selected Research Cases provide examples of some typical management research topics, outlining the detailed stages of their respective research processes and the latest data analysis techniques using SPSS, AMOS and STRATA.  

This practical element emphasises the variety of research methods and when/how to use them, making this book a useful resource for researchers from various academic disciplines and professional backgrounds.
Foreword; Rajendra Nargundkar  
Chapter 1. Introduction: The Methodological Domain in Management Research; Sumita Mishra and Rabi N. Subudhi 
Chapter 2. Review of Literature; Sumita Mishra 
Chapter 3. Purpose and Process of Research; Shikta Singh
Chapter 4. Research Design; Fakir M. Sahoo 
Chapter 5. Questionnaire Design; Sudhakar Patra 
Chapter 6. Qualitative Interviewing; Upasnaa Agarwal 
Chapter 7. Focus Group Discussions; Vijayalakshmi C. Balasubramaniam 
Chapter 8. Quantitative Data Analysis; Punyaslok Dhall 
Chapter 9. Testing of Hypothesis: Concepts and applications; Rabi N. Subudhi 
Chapter 10. Nature of Qualitative Research; Richa Awasthy 
Chapter 11. Case Study Research; Srilata Patnaik and Satyendra C. Pandey 
Chapter 12. Grounded Theory: A Method of Research Inquiry; Sunil Sharma, Atri Sengupta and Subhash Chandra Panja 
Chapter 13. DEA, Structural Modelling and Non-Parametric Tests; PKJ Mohapatra 
Chapter 14. Special Section on Sample Research Papers 
   Chapter 14.1. Working with Second Order Construct in Measurement Model: An Illustration Using Empirical Data; Subhra Pattnaik 
   Chapter 14.2. Role of Self-Congruity in Predicting Travel Intention; Joydeep Biswas and Shabbirhusain RV
   Chapter 14.3. Structural Equation Modelling: Threshold Criteria for Assessing Model Fit; Malabika Sahoo
   Chapter 14.4. Socio-Economic Development Disparity in India: An Inter-State Analysis; Ayushi Raichoudhury 
   Chapter 14.5. Stages and Methods for Cleaning Large Secondary Data Using R; Manoj K. Jena & Brajaballav Kar 
Appendix. Statistical Tables
Rabi N. Subudhi is a Senior Professor at KIIT School of Management, KIIT University, India. With over 32 years of teaching experience, he has published seven books and several research papers in the area of quantitative research methodology. He is also the Editor of KIIT Management Research Journal, Parikalpana
Sumita Mishra is an Associate Professor at KIIT School of Management, KIIT University, India. Her research on organizational culture, organization design, group culture and social psychology has been published in several reputable journals, such as Asian Case Research Journal, Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, and Management Review.

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