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Methodological Issues and Practices in Ethnography Vol: 11

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20 Oct 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
248 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Studies in Educational Ethnography


What counts as ethnography and what counts as good ethnography are both highly contested. This volume brings together chapters presenting a diversity of views on some of the current issues and practices in ethnographic methodology. It does not try to present a single coherent view but, through its heterogeneity, illustrates the strengths and impact of the debate. The collection includes chapters on the ethnographic research process; the use of photographic diaries; the idea of toleration in the research process; and the personal aspects of research. It has chapters that question generalisation; perceive ethnography as a potential form of surveillance; analyse the notion of display in ethnography; critique the way culture is commonly theorised; and examine the possibilities of comparative ethnographic work. It also includes and exchange of views between Martyn Hammersley and Barbara Korth on partisan research.
Preface. (G. Walford). Introduction. (G. Walford). From Field Work to Theory and Representations in Ethnography. (D. Beach). Using Photographic Diaries to Research the Gender and Academic Identities of Young Girls. (A. Allen). Ethnography, Toleration and Authenticity: Ethical Reflections on Fieldwork, Analysis and Writing. (M. Hammersley). The Personal, Professional and Political in Comparative Ethnographic Educational Research. (H. Miller, L. Russell). Theoretical Inference and Generalization Within the Case Study. (G. Lloyd-Jones). Is Ethnography Just Another Form of Surveillance? (G. Crozier). The Notion Of 'Display' in Ethnographic Research. (T. Gordon). Choice, Necessity, or Narcissism? A Feminist Does Feminist Ethnography. (B. Korth). A Response to Barbara Korth on Feminist Ethnography. (M. Hammersley). A Reply to Martyn Hammersley. (B. Korth). New Methodologies, Cultural Analysis and the Politics of Research: Re-Visiting the Lessons of Critical Ethnography. (L. Angus). Providing a Framework for A ?Shared Repertoire? in a Cross-National Research Project. (G. Troman, B. Jeffrey).

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