Metal Music and the Re-imagining of Masculinity, Place, Race and Nation

Karl Spracklen
Leeds Beckett University, UK

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11 May 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
Emerald Studies in Metal Music and Culture
Metal is a form of popular music. Popular music is a form of leisure. In the modern age, popular music has become part of popular culture, a heavily contested collection of practices and industries that construct place, belonging and power. 

The arrival of Donald Trump in the White House has shown that angry white men still wield huge social and cultural power in this new century. The aim of this monograph is to explore metal music - might be seen as leisure spaces that resist the norms and values of the mainstream; but also how they might also serve to re-affirm and construct those norms and values. In particular, this book is interested in how forms of metal might work to re-imagine masculinity, race, nation and class in an intersectional way through the myth of warrior masculinity and blood and soil. 

This monograph explores the history of the myths, and the reaction by fans to the music. The focus is extended to bands that use the warrior-nation myth in places and countries beyond the global North, and in ways that challenge or subvert hegemony.
Chapter One: Introduction, Context and Methods 
Chapter Two: The Old Nationalism and Masculinity: Historical Review 
Chapter Three: Populism, Nationalism and Masculinity Today: A Review 
Chapter Four: Theories of Leisure and Music; and Music, Identity and Place 
Chapter Five: Iron Maiden: True Stories of Men at War 
Chapter Six: Manowar: True Metal Warriors 
Chapter Seven: Bathory and Viking Metal 
Chapter Eight: The Norwegians as 'Authentic' Vikings: Enslaved, Windir and Wardruna 
Chapter Nine: Pagan Metal in Eastern Europe 
Chapter Ten: Finnish Folk Metal: Raising Drinking Horns in Mainstream Metal 
Chapter Eleven: English Heritage Black Metal and the Equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire 
Chapter Twelve: Challenging Hegemony? Darkestrah, and Zeal & Ardor 
Chapter Thirteen: Conclusions 
Karl Spracklen is a Professor of Sociology of Leisure and Culture at Leeds Beckett University (UK). Until the end of 2019 he was the Principal Editor of the journal Metal Music Studies. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure. He is interested in leisure and identity and belonging and exclusion, and has published over a hundred papers, books, textbooks and book chapters in that broad area from sport to whisky tourism.

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