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Mergers and Alliances: The Wider View Vol: 36

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26 Jun 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
334 pages - 152 x 229 x 33mm
Advances in Librarianship
Volume 36 provides a broad review of the factors that lead to mergers and other alliances, the methods used to ensure effective and successful collaborations, and descriptions of the factors which contributed to less successful efforts at consolidation. The chapters include original research, case studies, literature reviews and conceptual papers.
Contributors. Preface. Characteristics of Collaborative Partnerships in Library Technology and Web Service Initiatives: Emergent Patterns and Lessons Learned. Lessons from the Corporate World. With Other Minds: Collaboration in a New Environment—A View from the Council on Library and Information Resources. Regional Library Networks and OCLC: From Collaboration and Interdependence to Conflict and Divorce. Consortia Initiatives in Higher Education Libraries in India: A Reconnaissance of the National Landscape. International Collaboration for a Master’s Degree Program in Library and Information Science. Mergers, Collaborations, Alliances, and Partnerships in LIS Education. Reinventing the Academic Library and Its Mission: Service Design in Three Merged Finnish Libraries. Responding to Crises with Alliances: Evidence from an Academic Library Survey in Greece. IDS Project: Community and Innovation. Index. Mergers and Alliances: The Wider View. Editorial Advisory Board. Mergers and Alliances: The Wider View. Copyright page.

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