Maturing Leadership: How Adult Development Impacts Leadership

Jonathan Reams
NTNU, Norway

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03 Apr 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
We've known for years now that demands on leaders are only increasing. Yet we have lacked widely understood, empirically grounded and rigorous ways to support the development of adequate maturity of heart, complexity of mind and skilful practice for leaders to meet these demands.  

Over the past three decades, a growing number of scholars and practitioners have explored the value of a developmental approach to these issues. In Maturing Leadership, Jonathan Reams brings together a cast of expert contributors to introduce this work to a wider audience. While this approach has previously been on the margins of mainstream leadership development research, Reams brings it to the centre, moving beyond the clichéd characterizations of 'inner work' to bring a finer granularity, precision and rigor to the subjective workings of leaders. The chapters explore how applying insights from the field of constructivist cognitive development can be a key driver for supporting improvements in how we approach leadership development. 

For researchers and students of leadership, this is an essential addition to the leading theories of developmental approaches to leadership. Increasing complexity in the world is not a passing fad, and the need for leaders to grow in the maturity and sophistication of their responses is a long-term need.
1. Leadership 4.0; Marianne Roux 
2. Leadership Development Laboratory; Jonathan Reams, Camilla Fikse and Ottar Ness 
3. The Art and Science of Vertical Development; Charles J. Palus, John B. McGuire, Sarah Stawiski, and William R. Torbert 
4. The Implications of Developmental Diversity for Leadership Education; David McCallum 
5. I'll Only Follow if I Trust You: Using Adult Development to Accelerate Trust; Harriette Thurber Rasmussen and Mohammed Raei 
6. The Complex Choreography of Becoming a Coach; Penny Potter 
7. Transforming in Relationship: When Leader - Member Exchange Theory Meets Adult Development Theory; Nancy C. Wallis 
8. The Aware Leader: Supporting Post-Autonomous Leadership Development; Abigail Lynam, Geoff Fitch & Terri O'Fallon 
9. The Meaning-Making Structures of Outstanding Leaders: An Examination of Conative Capability at Postconventional Ego Development Levels; Aidan P. Harney 
10. Dialectical Thinking, Adult Development and Leadership; Iva Vurdelja 
11. Playing in the Sandbox: A Reflective Journey on the Development and Implementation of a Leadership Development Program within a Doctoral Program; George F. Sharp and Joseph J. Marchetti 
12. Creating Scalable Leadership Development at a Large Company; Jimmy Parker
Jonathan Reams practices the cultivation of leadership through awareness-based consulting, coaching and action research on leadership development program design and delivery in a variety of settings. He has a position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), serves as Editor-in Chief of Integral Review, and is a co-founder of the Center for Transformative Leadership and of the European Center for Leadership Practice.

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