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Mathematical Programming Vol: 11

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29 May 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
240 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Applications of Management Science
This peer reviewed volume is part of an annual series, dedicated to the presentation and discussion of state of the art studies in the application of management science to the solution of significant managerial decision making problems. It is hoped that this research annual will significantly aid in the dissemination of actual applications of management science in both the public and private sectors. Volume 11 is directed toward the applications of mathematical programming to Multi-criteria decision making, Supply chain management, Performance management, and Risk analysis. Its use can be found both in university classes in management science and operations research, (management and engineering schools), as well as to both the researcher and practitioner of management science and operations research.
Multicriteria Decision Making Applications. A Multiple Criteria Decision Model for Portfolio Allocation for the Individual Investor. (K. Hogan, G. Olsen). A Multi-Objective Model for Renewable Warranty Price. (A. Mitra, J. Patankar). Equity Allocation Analysis in Retirement Planning: A Multi-Objective Mathematical Programming Approach. (A. M. Schniederjans, M. J. Schniederjans). A Multi-Criteria DEA Framework for Evaluating E-Commerce Efficiency. (K.D. Lawrence, R. Klimberg, S.M. Lawrence). Sales Planning in a Multi-Criteria Environment. (K.D. Lawrence et al.). Performance Measurement/Risk Management. Evaluating the Relative Efficiency of Railroad Operations Using Data Envelopment Analysis. (N.K. Kwak, Tae Sung Choi, S. Kim). Evaluating the Performance of Nursing Homes Using Data Envelopment Analysis. (M. Leonard et al.). Supporting Subjective Risk Management in Software Process Improvement - A Qualitative Discriminant Process. (K.M. Osei-Bryson, M.M.O Kah). A Simultaneous Approach to Capital Budgeting and Capital Rationing by Multi-Objective Programming. (D.G. Schniederjans, M. J Schniederjans). Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain and Logistics to Maintain Effective Customer Relationship Management in e-Business Industry. (N. K. Kwak, Chang W. Lee). The Allocation of Customers to Capacitate Primary and Secondary Warehouses: A Geometric Algorithm Approach. (G. Zhou, H. Min, Mitsuo Gen). A Mathematical Programming Approach to Analyze the Activity Based Costing Product Mix Decisions with Capacity Expansion. (Wen-Hsien Tsai, T. Lin). An Application of Game Theory and Multiple Objective Programming in Supply Chains through Franchising. (S. Li, Z. Huang, A. Ashly). Simulating the Supply Chain Performance by Game Theory. (Yah-Wen Chen, Yong-Yu Lia, M. Larbani).

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