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Mastering Digital Transformation: Towards a Smarter Society, Economy, City and Nation

Elias G. Carayannis
George Washington University School of Business, George Washington University, USA

Nagy K. Hanna
University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

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06 Jan 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
432 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Innovation, Technology, and Education for Growth
The information and communication technology revolution offers the promise of transforming economies and societies, and the risks of missing on a powerful techno-economic revolution and wasting scarce resources without much developmental impact. Some countries have mastered the process of digital transformation, and continue to realize substantial economic benefits. Others made substantial investments in the ICT infrastructure, with marginal impact. What makes for these differences among countries? Nagy Hanna presents a systematic approach to integrate ICT into development policies and programs across sectors of economy and society. This book bridges the current disconnect between the ICT specialists and their development counterparts in various sectors so as to harness the ongoing ICT revolution to maximize development impact and minimize downside risks. Posing a holistic and strategic framework that draws on lessons learned across all sectors to guide national leaders and development practitioners interested in moving from vision to action, it is an important work for researchers and students of ICT who aim to pursue innovative, inclusive and sustainable development paradigms.
PART I: THE BIG PICTURE 1. Introduction and Overview 2. Why ICT-Enabled Transformation? 3. Strategic Planning of Transformation PART II: PURSUING TRANSFORMATION POSSIBILITIES 4. Integrating ICT-Enabled Transformation into Development 5. Transforming Government 6. Transforming Key Sectors 7. Promoting Inclusive Information Society 8. Developing Smart Cities 9. Transforming Enterprises PART III: MASTERING THE IMPLEMENTATION OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 10. Developing Human Resources 11. Developing Leadership and Institutions 12. Developing Enabling Policies and Regulations 13. Developing the Communication Infrastructure 14. Developing the ICT Industry 15. Implementing, Learning, and Adapting
Dr. Nagy K. Hanna is an author, educator, public speaker, and global expert on digital transformation and innovation strategies. Advisor to governments, ICT multinationals, and major consulting firms on cutting-edge ICT policies and strategies. He has 40 years experience advising countries and aid agencies on digital economy, e-transformation policies and strategies, e-government, e-leadership institutions, knowledge services industry, public sector reform and governance, and innovation-driven development strategies. He is a board member and senior fellow of several think tanks, and on the editorial boards of several journals. Served on several UN expert groups and commissions. Taught and led research at several universities; currently visiting professor at Wits University. Published over 100 papers and book chapters, and authored 22 books. Founded and chaired World Bank’s global community of practice on digital transformation. Held diverse positions at the World Bank, in operations, finance, policy and strategy. Led development policy dialogue in over 50 countries. He holds PhD from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and executive development diploma from Harvard. nagyhanna@comcast.net

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