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Marketing in Asia Pacific and Beyond Vol: 7

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31 Jul 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations


This work seeks to reflect both the greater scrutiny of quality of research in international marketing and the diversity of approach. Analytical techniques employed in the papers include: multiple regression; factor analysis; conjoint analysis; and t-tests. The papers come from diverse theoretical perspectives including game theory, industrial organization, and power and conflict management, as well as from cultural and ecological perspectives. The text is not limited to issues associated with the Asia Pacific region, although many of the papers focus on this growing region. It is divided into four sections. Papers in the first section examine corporate strategy in an international context, reflecting the continued dynamism of global markets. Part 2 includes papers that examine issues in global distribution and the marketing of services. International advertising is the focus of the third section. Part 4 consists of papers that make methodological contributions to the international marketing literature.
Part 1 Corporate strategy in the 1990s: Global comparisons of channel integration strategies and strategic alliances, Heon Deak Yoon et al; Strategic alliances - contrasting Korean and U.S. preferences, Seoil Chaiy, David B. Montgomery; Marketing, open markets and political democracy - the experience of the Pacrim countries, Hans B. Thorelli; A comparison of the perceptions of clients and design consultants toward corporate identity programs, Dae Ryun Chang et al. Part 2 Issues in global distribution and the marketing of services: Competitive intensity and channel structure in Korean consumer goods industries, Changhoon Shin et al; International marketing and the role of logistics - logistics strategies and the implications for management and government, John C. Taylor; Negotiation processes and outcomes in international technology transfer, Sejo Oh, Sungil Kim; Evaluation and management of professional services in Korea, Mary Anne Raymond, William Rylance. Part 3 International advertising: The changing information content of advertising - a longitudinal analysis of Korean magazines ads, Young Sook Moon, George R. Franke; Environmental influence on U.S. multinational advertising agencies - a market development perspective, Alan T. Shao; Advertising presentations of the independent versus interdependent self to Korean and U.S. college students, Julie Scott Wilcox et al; Foreign elements in Korean and U.S. television advertising, Charles R. Taylor, Gordon E. Miracle. Part 4 Methodological contributions to the international marketing literature: Dimensions of global strategy and their utilization by European and Japanese MNCs - an exploratory study, Shaoming Zou, Jay L. Laughlin; Evaluating the CYMC cosmopolitanism scale on Korean consumers, Sung-Joon Yoon et al; Country of production/assembly as a new country image construct - a conceptual application to global transplant decisions, Dong Hwan Lee, Charles M. Schaninger; An investigation of the optimum number of response categories for Korean consumers, Kyung Hoon Kim.

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