Marketing Management in Turkey

Selcen Ozturkcan
Linnaeus University, Sweden

Elif Yolbulan Okan
Bahçe┼čehir University, Turkey

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30 Jul 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
480 pages - 152 x 229mm
Marketing in Emerging Markets
Emerging market economies have long been a significant driver of global growth, and since the beginning of the new millennium they have gained greater importance than ever. Economists state that the economies of emerging countries are rapidly catching up with those of developed countries and are even predicted to overtake some of them by 2020. A deep understanding of emerging markets is crucial, then, to build tailored products and marketing programs that will capitalize on such rapid growth. 

In Marketing Management in Turkey, Selcen Ozturkcan and Elif Yolbulan Okan present the reader with marketing opportunities, market potential, and standardization and customization opportunities available within a fast-growing emerging economy—namely, the Turkish economy. Along the way, the book also offers important insights into issues affecting similar emerging markets by detailing the common perceptions and misconceptions around the unique opportunities they appear to offer. 

 This book will be of keen interest to practitioners interested in investing in emerging markets, and it will also have much to offer to researchers and students interested in the future of the global economy.
Chapter 1.1. Introduction
Chapter 1.2. From Bazaars to Digital Environment: Short History of Marketing in Turkish Context; Eda Aylin Genc, Metehan Igneci
Chapter 1.3. Business Ethics, Marketing Ethics, Consumer Ethics, Sustainable Consumption and Corporate Social Responsibility in Turkey; Hande Begüm Bumin Doyduk
Chapter 2.1. The Sharing Economy In Turkey: A Marketıng Perspectıve; Elif Yelseli Şişecam, Hüseyin Sami Karaca, Özlem Hesapçı
Chapter 2.2. Analysıs Of The Turkısh Market Research Industry The Changing Role of the Researcher; Özgecan Karanci 
Chapter 3.1. A Revıew Of Factors Affectıng Turkısh Consumer Behavıor; İ. Taylan Dörtyol, Ayşen Coşkun, Olgun Kitapcı
Chapter 4.1. Consumer-Brand Relationships In Turkey; Ezgi Merdin-Uygur, Umut Kubat, Zeynep Gürhan-Canli
Chapter 4.2. Competıtıve Dynamıcs In Turkey; Muhterem Şebnem Ensari 
Chapter 4.3. Place Marketing In Turkey; Can Uslay, Mesut Çiçek
Chapter 5.1. Experıence Consumptıon In Turkey; Ezgi Merdin-Uygur
Chapter 6.1. The Birth of Omni-Channel Marketing and New Dynamics of Consumers’ Approach to Retail Channels; Selen Öztürk, Abdullah Okumuş
Chapter 7.1. IMC: Integrated Marketıng Communıcatıon; Elif Yurdakul, Asli Bozdag Karaman
Chapter 7.2. Is Advertısement Really Dead? A Case Study Of Fıllı Boya; Çiğdem Başfırıncı, Gülcan Şener
Chapter 7.3. Word of Mouth Marketing; Renan Tavukcuoglu, Tavsiye Evi
Chapter 8.1. A Survey Of Marketıng Management For Vıdeogames Industry In Turkey; Sercan Şengün
Chapter 8.2. Marketing is in cooperation with technology to form new directives in consumer life; M.Özgür Güngör
Chapter 9.1. When Delights Turn Bitter: Consumer Resistance in Turkey; Melike Demirbag-Kaplan
Chapter 9.2. The Mystıque Of Luxury Products; Meltem Kiygi-Calli
Dr. Selcen Ozturkcan currently works at Linnaeus University (Sweden), and occasionally visits Helsinki School of Business (Finland) and the Brand Practice Forum of Sabancı University (Turkey). Her full research and teaching portfolio is available at 

Dr. Elif Yolbulan Okan graduated from Middle East Technical University with a BSc degree in Business Administration (1995), earned her MSc in Marketing from the University of Salford, Manchester (1997) and a PhD in Marketing from Yeditepe University (2007). She has been working at Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul since February 2018. Her research interests include marketing, brand management and consumer behaviour.

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