Managing the Ageing Workforce in the East and the West

Matt Flynn
University of Hull, UK

Anthony Chiva
Newcastle University, UK

Yuxin Li
Shanghai International Studies University, China

Emma Parry
Cranfield School of Management, UK

Product Details
21 Nov 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229mm
The Changing Context of Managing People
Employers all over the world are engaged with implementing human resource management (HRM) policies in order to encourage and facilitate longer working lives for an aging workforce. While there has been some scholarly investigation into workplaces challenges and changes in both Europe and North America, there has been less engagement with the significant challenges facing Asian businesses and little assessment of the common themes and regional differences. 

Managing the Ageing Workforce in the East and the West brings together HRM specialists from both Eastern and Western perspectives in a unique collaboration. Each chapter explores the universal relevance of human resource interventions into extending working life, including phased retirement, healthy work environments and lifelong learning. The book assesses issues of implementation in differing cultural, intergenerational, institutional and family contexts. 

Rooted in a cross-cultural approach, the authors draw on a range of data from different geographic workforce contexts in order to identify over 150 variables relating to specific types of careers, including job content, employer policies, human capital, retirement plans, and quality of life expectations. Central to the study is measuring the complex relationship between individual workers’ work and retirement expectations in relation to the differences in employer practices in the West and the East. 

The book will be essential reading for students and scholars of HRM and organizational studies, as well as human resource professionals, employers and chief executives, and employment and business consultants.
1. Managing age in Asia and Europe: an introduction; Matt Flynn, Yuxin Li, Tony Chiva 
2. Productive ageing society in Japan and Poland and its impacts on productivity and prosperity; Florian Kohlbacher, Izabela Warwas, Hendrik Mollenhauer 
3. Delaying retirement in changing institutional and workplace contexts: Comparing approaches and outcomes in Germany, the UK and Hong Kong; Dirk Hofacker, Simone Braun, Matt Flynn 
4. How retirement is financed in the East and West; Hafiz Khan 
5. Workforce Management and the Retention of older staff: macro and organisational-level processes in the United Kingdom and South Korea; Andrew Weyman, Thomas Klassen, Heike Schroder 
6. Age and industrial relations in class-based and enterprise unions; Matt Flynn 
7. Healthy workplaces in Europe and Malaysia; Joanne Crawford, Alice Davis, Halimatus Minhat, Mohd Rafee Baharudin 
8. Learning and training for older workers; Eleanor Davies, Karen Hanley, Andrew Jenkins, Chad Chan 
9. Managing eldercare in the UK and China; Yihan Wang, Angela Abbot 
10. Workplace age diversity: the employers' perspectives; Kate Vernon, Alan Beazley, Chris Ball

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