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Managing Transnational Firms: Resources, Market Entry and Strategic Alliances Vol: 14

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16 Aug 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in International Management
In this volume, Bartlett and Ghoshal examine the transnational firm, its development and future. Ending their chapter is a debate about the future of international management research involving several individual scholars including Julian Birkinshaw (London Business School), Yves Doz (INSEAD), and Eleanore Westney (MIT). Three leading scholars in the international management field, Michael Kotabe (Temple University), Alan Rugman (Indiana University) and Srilata Zaheer (University of Minnesota) provide comments on Bartlett and Ghoshal's work and on future international management research. The present volume also presents five other articles that make a contribution to the main theme of the book. Together, they cover a set of topics in international management studies including: process issues and the evolution of collaboration in the management of international strategic alliances (alliances), the antecedents and outcomes from international entry modes (market entry), examination of the localization of HRM practices in American and European multinationals (resources), and the cultural, economic and political effects on national entrepreneurial potential (resources). The work in this volume provides a diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches and represents the thinking in the field on managing transnational firms focused on resources, market entry and alliances.
Research Forum: The transnational and beyond - reflections and perspectives at the millennium, C.A. Bartlett, S. Ghoshal; Commentary - the influence of "Managing Across Borders" on the field of international management, A.M. Rugman; Commentary - to kill two birds with one stone - revisiting the integration-responsiveness framework, M. Kotabe; Commentary - a big tent on an island - building bridges and community in international management research, S. Zaheer. Articles: Choice of foreign market entry modes - critical review and future directions, D. Datta et al; Resource deficits and international entry mode - analysis of context-specificity and fungibility of resources, J. Anand; Process issues in international alliance management - a debate on the evolution of collaboration, A. Arino et al; National entrepreneurial potential - the role of culture, economic development, and political history, S.L. Mueller et al; Localization in human resource management - comparing American and European multinational corporations, P. Gunnigle et al.

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