Managing Technology and Middle- and Low-skilled Employees: Advances for Economic Regeneration

Claretha Hughes
University of Arkansas, USA

Lionel Robert
University of Michigan, USA

Kristin Frady
Clemson University, USA

Adam Arroyos
Grandslam Performance Associates, LLC (GPA), USA

Product Details
23 Jul 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
168 pages - 152 x 229mm
The Changing Context of Managing People
As technological change and digital disruption becomes normalized in the fourth industrial revolution, workplace leaders are seeking new solutions to evolving problems. Managing Technology and Middle- and Low-Skilled Employees is an illuminating study of workplace leadership for improving the employee experience and adjusting the organizational culture to reduce tensions between technology and people at work. 

Reliance on artificial intelligence has created apprehension and anxiety among some employees and the general public as they try to understand whether or not employees will be replaced by new technologies. This book examines technological developments, such as artificial intelligence and big data, and reveals the practical implications of how people and new technologies can co-exist, harmoniously, within the workplace through virtual teams.  

Managing Technology and Middle- and Low-Skilled Employees offers routes to new solutions for scholars and professionals in the fields of business, human resource development, human resource management, information systems, and workforce development.
Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Middle Skill Level Employees and Technological Environments 
Chapter 3: Virtual Teams and Technological Environments 
Chapter 4: A Hiring Paradigm Shift Through the use of Technology in the Workplace 
Chapter 5: Artificial Intelligence, Employee Engagement, Fairness and Job Outcomes 
Chapter 6: Designing and Managing Technology Innovation Training and Development for Middle Skill, Low Skill, and Disadvantaged Workers 
Chapter 7: Managing People and Technology in the Workplace 
Chapter 8: Emerging Technologies and Trends
Claretha Hughes is a Professor of Human Resource and Workforce Development at University of Arkansas, USA. Her research focuses Her research focuses on value creation through human resource and technology development and in 2012, she received the R. Wayne Pace Book of the Year Award for her book, Valuing People and Technology in the Workplace (2012). 
Lionel Robert is an Associate Professor of Information at the University of Michigan School of Information, USA. He has published in numerous reputable journals and is currently associate editor for Information & Management and ACM Transactions of Social Computing. He is also the current general co-chair for ACM Group 2020. 
Kristin K. Frady is an Assistant Professor at Clemson University, USA. Her research agenda focuses on how organizational leadership and learning in educational, community, and workforce development applications influence innovative and technologically infused educational programs, leadership, and policy solutions. 
Adam Arroyos is the Founder and CEO of Grandslam Performance Associates, LLC (GPA), a leading provider of leadership development, executive development, workforce development, organizational development, and nonprofit development. Alongside his extensive career experience, he is also the author of PerformanceGPA®: Achieving High Performance through Service (2012).

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