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Managing Talent: A Critical Appreciation

Stephen Swailes
University of Huddersfield, UK

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02 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 152 x 229mm
Talent Management
Scholarly literature on talent management has largely taken a mainstream approach to understanding how and why organizations pursue talent initiates, and to understanding how employees react to participation in talent programmes. Managing Talent: A Critical Appreciation takes a more critical view of organizational approaches to identifying, developing and placing high potential employees and to understanding why organizations are attracted to talent management.

Despite the expanding interest in the subject, these aspects have not received the attention that they deserve and require a more comprehensive appreciation of what has become a widely used organizational initiative. This edited work brings together a range of concerns arising from theory and practice but, while critical, is not intended to be entirely from a critical management studies perspective.

Managing Talent new perspectives are now highly needed because of the relatively light treatment that talent management has witnessed so far from more critical management discourse. Chapters examine vital new issues including:
  • rhetoric, politics and reality of talent management
  • leadership derailment
  • social and natural constituents of talent
  • role of line managers and leadership in implementing talent management
While stressing academic rigour, these chapters are accessibly written to speak to all scholars and practitioners who are looking for alternative treatments, understandings of, and issues arising from managing talent in practice.
Introduction; Stephen Swailes
Chapter 1. Arbitrariness, Individuality, and the Absence of Work Identity in Talent Management; Billy Adamsen
Chapter 2. Social and natural constituents of talent: a critical appreciation; Stephen Swailes
Chapter 3. Some critical reflections on the relevance of talent management research; Eva Gallardo-Gallardo
Chapter 4. The rhetoric, politics and reality of talent management: Insider perspectives; Barbara Zesik
Chapter 5. Leadership derailment: A neglected field in talent management; Suzanne Ross
Chapter 6. The missing link: The role of line managers and leadership in implementing talent management; Peter Bos, Marian Thunnissen and Katja Pardoen
Chapter 7. How inclusive can exclusive talent management be?; Lotte Holck and Iben Sandal Stjerne
Chapter 8. Critical Feminist Organization Studies and Talent management: Re-imagining Transnational, Intersectional and Post-Colonial Agendas; Beverly Dawn Metcalfe, Yasmeen Makarem and Fida Afouni
Chapter 9. The paradox of attracting key talent in the Canadian cannabis industry: Turning over a new leaf; Deborah McPhee and Francine Schlosser
Stephen Swailes is Professor of Human Resource Management at Huddersfield Business School, University of Huddersfield. He is also the coauthor of Organizational Change (2016) and Managing Talent: Understanding Critical Perspectives (2018).

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