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Managing Reality: Accountability and the Miasma of Private and Public Domains Vol: 16

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08 Oct 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Advances in Public Interest Accounting


Accounting's contribution to reality construction is envisioned in this volume of critical research, examining accounting's role in contemporary issues: ethics, sustainability, financial instability, post SOX legislation, education, and performance appraisals to name a few. Do CEOs manage rather than reveal environmental liabilities in their never-ending quest for reporting earnings? Under the scrutiny of negative publicity, does the banking community revise images, mask impending crises, and distort regulatory processes? Will shifts in litigation risk influence financial reporting? How do demands and perceptions from powerful external stakeholders change education or organizational processes? How might accounting positively engage in social movements, grass-roots empowerment, and change? These are among the explorations in this volume through case studies, interviews, analysis and interdisciplinary perspectives. Exposing accounting's impact on major social struggles of our times, these works contribute to the debates by revealing that the discipline can be a vital technology in the tool box of governance, political, economic and social practice, holding a key for affirmation and empowerment.
List of Contributors. Ad hoc Reviewers. Accountability and Performance Management Systems within Private and Public Sector Organisational Change Processes. What is Fraud in Private Securities Lawsuit?. Litigation Risk and Management Reporting Choice: A Comparative Study of PSLRA and SOX. Crisis Communication in the Banking Industry: Countrywide’s Use of Image Restoration Strategies. Recognizing Environmental Liabilities Surrounding CEO Turnovers. Social Accounting and Accounting Textbooks: Professors’ Responsibility to Promote the Interests of Students. An Examination of the Perceptions of Auditors and Chief Financial Officers of Various Regulations Introduced by the Dodd–Frank Financial Reform Bill. Commentary and Critique of “Sustainability Reputation and Environmental Performance or ‘The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating’ by Freedman and Stagliano (2010)”. Managing Reality: Accountability and the Miasma of Private and Public Domains. Advances in Public Interest Accounting. Managing Reality: Accountability and the Miasma of Private and Public Domains. Copyright page.

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