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Managing International Business Ventures in China Vol: 7

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08 Nov 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
432 pages - 230 x 150 x 23mm
International Business and Management
This work encompasses the latest thinking on managing international business ventures in China's emerging economy. It examines key topics in areas including management of joint ventures, human resource management, and strategic management. With contributions from world-renowned scholars on China, this volume provides a forum for discussing some of the most important and contemporary research on managing international business ventures in China.
Introduction: managing international business ventures in China, J.T. Li. Joint Venture Management: Investment and control in international joint ventures - the case of China, J. Child, Yanni Yan; Building effective international joint venture leadership teams in China, J.T. Li et al; Same bed, different dreams - working relationships in Sino - American joint ventures, J.P. Walsh et al; Managing relationships within Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sing Keow Hoon-Halbauer; Joint venture success in China - how should we select a good partner?, Yadong Luo; Establishing a successful Sino-foreign equity joint venture - the Singapore experience, Pien Wang et al. Human Resource Management: A corporate perspective on the management of human resources in China, I. Bjorkman, Yuan Lu; Managing localization of human resources in the PRC - a practical model, Chi-Sum Wong, K.S. Law; The management of human resources in Chinese-Western joint ventures, I. Bjorkman, Yuan Lu; Managing people in China - perceptions of expatriate managers, A. Sergeant, S. Frenkel; Effects of coping strategies on sociocultural and psychological adjustment of Western expatriate managers in the PRC, J. Selmer; An emerging model of employment relations in China - a divergent path from the Japanese?, Ying Zhu, M. Warner. Strategic Management: MNC-host government interaction - government pressures on MNCs in China, G. Osland, I. Bjorkman; Relations between multinational firms and host governments - the experience of American-owned firms in China, R.N. Sanyal, T. Guvenli; Intellectual property law, technology flow and licensing opportunities in the People's Republic of China, D. Bosworth, Deli Yang; An unconventional approach to intellectual property protection - the case of an Australian firm transferring shipbuilding technologies to China, S.L. McGaughey et al; The transaction cost advantage of Guanxi-based business practices, S.S. Standifird, R. Scott Marshall; Determinants of ownership preference of international joint ventures: new evidence from Chinese manufacturing industries, Hongxin Zhao, Gangti Zhu; Operating a foreign-invested enterprise in China - challenges for managers and management researchers, E. Weldon, W. Vanhonacker.

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