Managing Inter-Organizational Collaborations: Process Views Vol: 64

Jörg Sydow
Free University of Berlin, Germany

Hans Berends
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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04 Oct 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
This volume contains two Open Access Chapters.  

Volume 64 of Research in the Sociology of Organizations takes stock of research on processes of inter-organizational collaboration and explores new topics that call for inquiry. It shows that inter-organizational collaboration is becoming more varied and fluid. Traditional strategic alliances and consortia are still around, but these are complemented with new forms of collaboration, often enabled by emerging digital technologies. 

The volume is organized in three parts. The first set of chapters focus on relational dynamics of inter-organizational collaboration. Process views of inter-organizational collaboration investigate the relational embeddedness of interactions, the development and change of relations, and how relationships are constituted as processual phenomena. The second part of this volume addresses organizational dynamics in collaboration processes. Organizations themselves are not stable in any collaboration: just as collaboration is fluid, also organizations continuously change, and intra-organizational dynamics are key to understand external collaboration. Third, this volume addresses new phenomena in the changing landscape of inter-organizational collaboration, thereby laying out directions for future inquiry.
Introduction Process Views on Inter-organizational Collaborations; Hans Berends and Jörg Sydow 
Part I. Relational Dynamics in Inter-organizational Collaboration  
Chapter 1. Relational Bonds Underlying Cooperative Inter-Organizational Relations in Different Societal Contexts; Peter Smith Ring and Andrew H. Van de Ven 
Chapter 2. Building Adaptive Capacity in Project Network Organizations: Project Contexts, Network Ties and Relational Practices; Stephan Manning 
Chapter 3. The Dynamics of Inter-organizational Relations in Contemporary Manufacturing: Nested Negotiations in Value Networks; Harry Sminia, Anup Nair, Aylin Ates, Steve Paton and Marisa Smith 
Chapter 4. Technological Embeddedness of Inter-organizational Collaboration Processes; Katharina Cepa and Henri Schildt 
Part II. Organizational Dynamics Forming and Dissolving Collaboration 
Chapter 5. Insider Activists Pursuing an Agenda for Change: Selling the Need for Collaboration; Kristina Lauche
Chapter 6. Phased Acquisition for Disruptive Innovation: Toward a Micro-level Governance Perspective; Dries Faems and Anoop Madhok 
Chapter 7. Entrepreneurs or Employees? The Emergence of 'Disciplining Entrepreneurialism' in Subsidiary Organizations at Cyberagent; Rick Delbridge, Takahiro Endo and Jonathan Morris 
Chapter 8. Collaborative Uncoupling: How to Break Up and Stay Together; Rene Wiedner and Shaz Ansari
Part III. Dynamic Collaboration Beyond Organizations 
Chapter 9. "Opening Innovation" Across Layers of Practices: Developing an Integrative View of the Emergence of Digital Health; Karl-Emanuel Dionne and Paul Carlile  
Chapter 10. How Organizations Manage Crowds: Define, Broadcast, Attract and Select; Linus Dahlander, Lars Bo Jeppesen and Henning Piezunka 
Chapter 11. Crowd-Open and Crowd-Based Collaborations: Facilitating the Emergence of Organization Design; Luca Giustiniano, Terri L. Griffith and Ann Majchrzak 
Chapter 12. Collaborative Innovation Online: Entanglements of the Making of Content, Skills, and Community on a Songwriting Platform; Benjamin Schiemer, Elke Schüßler and Gernot Grabher
Dr. Jörg Sydow is a Professor of Management at the School of Business & Economics at Freie Universität Berlin. He was a Fellow of the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Research and an editorial board member of Organization Science, Organization Studies, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, and Journal of Management Studies. Currently he is a Senior Editor of Organization Studies.  
Dr. Hans Berends is Professor of Innovation and Organization at the School of Business & Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His current research interests concern inter-organizational collaboration and digital innovation, and he investigates these phenomena using a process research approach. He has published in leading journals including Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, and Strategic Organization.

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