Managing Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World: Melody of Online and Offline Environments in the Customer Journey

Taşkın Dirsehan
Marmara University, Turkey

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26 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229mm
In a typical day, a customer's journey moves from a physical to a digital environment multiple times, to successfully and effectively manage a customer's experience organizations need to integrate both these environments in an omnichannel way.

This edited book examines customer journeys, omnichannel retailing, digital and mobile marketing, augmented and virtual reality, gamification, artificial intelligence in marketing, blockchain applications and more to provide theoretical and practical methods of impact for businesses.

The book provides insights for researchers and practitioners in the areas of marketing, digitalisation, service operations, management, communication, administrative sciences and more. The chapters intersect methodology, research, theory and applications all along the customer journey and customer touchpoints through digital and physical environments. Increasing technological developments and the wider integration of the Internet of Things will make the need for smooth omnichannel management for customers and consumers ever more important for organizations and a key factor of successful business strategy.
Table of Contents 
Chapter 1. The Melody of Omnichannel Customer Experience Management (OCCEM) Taşkın Dirsehan, Meltem Dirsehan
Section I. General Frames Defining OCCEM 
Chapter 2. The Democratization of Technology Tibor Karlovitz
Chapter 3. How Does Omnichannel Transform Consumer Behavior? Özge Gök
Chapter 4. Customer Preferences of MultiChannel Operations in the Context of Omni Channel World M. Öztek, Özgür Çengel
Chapter 5. Digital Consumer Behavior in an Omni-Channel World Pinar Yürük-Kayapinar
Chapter 6. Consumer Behavior in Omnichannel Retailing Raife Özbük, Duygu Aydin Ünal, Büşra Oktay
Chapter 7. Customer Experience Management in Omnichannel Retailing Özgür Çengel, K. Çakiroğlu
Section II. Pillars of OCCEM Strategies
Chapter 8. Generational Differences in Omnichannel Experience-Rising New Segment-Gen Z Bilge Baykal
Chapter 9. The Hybrid Shopping Mile and its Orbital Customer Journey Mapping Zeynep Bilgin-Wührer, Gerhard Wührer
Chapter 10. Application and Integration of Omni Channel Decisions to CRM Ozan Karacali, Gulberk Salman
Chapter 11. Features of Startups Judit Kárpáti-Daróczi, Tibor Karlovitz
Section III. Illustrative Technologies in OCCEM Applications
Chapter 12. Integrating Different Channels - Showrooming and Webrooming Elif Türk
Chapter 13. Omni-Channel Strategy in the Framework of the Search Engines Beyza Gultekin, Sabri Erdem
Chapter 14. Digitization of Luxury Fashion by Building an Omnichannel Dream Gizem Karadağ, Irem Eren Erdogmus
Chapter 15. Managing the customer experience within the Town Centre retail Federica Caboni
Chapter 16. How robotic process automation is revolutionizing the banking sector Anita Maček, Michael Murg, Živa Veingerl Čič
Chapter 17. Two Modern Aspects of Intangible Assets – Protection on Blockchain and Funding through ICO Tatjana Horvat, Vito Bobek
Chapter 18. Omnichannel Marketing Applications in Game Industry Mert Üstündağ
Taşkın Dirsehan received his BA in Business Administration from Galatasaray University, his MA in Production Management and Marketing from Marmara University and PhD in Marketing from Istanbul University. Currently, he has been working as an Associate Professor of Marketing at Marmara University, Turkey.

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