Managing Brands in 4D: Understanding Perceptual, Emotional, Social and Cultural Branding

Jacek Pogorzelski
University of Minnesota, USA

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14 Jun 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm


Brand is not an image or an idea, brand is associations or memory, feelings or emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and values, and experiences and lifestyles. Brand belongs to all of these categories, but the existing brand models almost all work under the assumption that there is only one type of brand, preventing true successful brand creation. Here Pogorzelski dives into the four methods and levels that organize the world of brand management, showcasing the research and tools needed to not only entice purchases, but create ideologies and support a specific lifestyle and culture, leading to true successful brands.
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. 4D Branding
Chapter 3. Perceptual Branding 
Chapter 4. Emotional Branding 
Chapter 5. Social Branding 
Chapter 6. Cultural Branding 
Chapter 7. Conclusion Literature Index
Jacek Pogorzelski, PhD in Management, is lecturer at Kozminski AU:2 University, Warsaw School of Economics and University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, brand strategy and customer experience management consultant. He has been involved in brand management in theory and in practice for over a dozen years now. He reads, investigates, designs strategies and helps market brands as well as develops his own brand analysis methods and strategic models. He has an in-depth knowledge of consumer insight, brand positioning, designing brand personality, brand planning in theory and in practice, brand culture modelling and brand archetype management. He himself used to manage FMCG and OTC brands, as well as help clients from many lines of business, from construction and IT services to fashion and cosmetics. He worked with Polish, US and Spanish companies. He used to teach postgraduate and MBA students in Poland and United States. He trains corporate and public administration executives. He is a long-standing partner of programmes of The Chartered Institute of Marketing in London.

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