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Management and Leadership of Educational Marketing: Research, Practice and Applications Vol: 15

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25 Sep 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Advances in Educational Administration


The introduction of educational markets into public and higher education in many countries has led to more competitive environments for schools and higher education institutions. This, in turn, has led to an increased priority being given by school leaders to the marketing of their institutions, largely because the survival of many educational institutions is now dependent on their capacity to maintain or increase their 'market share' of students, funding and resources. This book presents the works of leading scholars and researchers in the field of educational marketing who handle issues of student retention; trust; building relationships with parents, curriculum marketing, strategic marketing, and market orientation in the educational arena. Special attention is given by the authors to the promotion of education in respect to school innovation, success, and accountability. The book is intended to enrich the theoretical and practical knowledge of scholars who are interested in understanding the leadership of educational institutions, and of principals, marketers, and administrators who face inter-institutional competition in the context of schooling, tertiary or higher education.
List of Contributors. The Research on School Marketing: Current Issues and Future Directions – An Updated Version. Marketisation and Education Marketing: The Evolution of a Discipline and a Research Field. Integrating Marketing into the Leadership and Management of Schools: A Curriculum-Focused Approach. Marketing the School ‘Revisited’: The Complexity of Leadership Dilemmas. School Marketing in the United States: Demographic Representations and Dilemmas for Educational Leaders. Public–Private Collaboration in International Education: A New Zealand Case Study. Relationship Marketing and School Success. A Conceptual Framework for Classifying and Understanding Relationship Marketing Within Schools. Forms of Market Orientation Among Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Israel. Educational Marketing and the Pace of Innovation. Creating Value in School Education Marketing Through the Cocreation Process – A Conceptual Paper. Reflections on Management and Leadership of Educational Marketing: Looking Toward the Future. Author biographies. Index. The Management and Leadership of Educational Marketing: Research, Practice and Applications. Advances in Educational Administration. Advances in Educational Administration. Copyright page.

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