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Management Education for Integrity: Ethically Educating Tomorrow's Business Leaders

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02 Sep 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 165 x 240 x 20mm


Recent examples of corporate, national and international ethical and financial scandals and crises have created a need to bolster the ethical acumen of managers through business education imperatives. This topical book forms an important part of the debate on the development of ethical business leaders and provides empirically grounded, theoretical insights for rethinking business curricula requisite for understanding and meaningfully confronting an ethical vacuum that sometimes exists in business. "Management Education for Integrity" explains how curricula should be streamlined and rejuvenated to ensure a high level of integrity in management education, providing numerous examples of new tools, teaching methods, integrity sensitization and development exercises and ethical management education assessment approaches. Chapters include: fostering integrity in business curricula; a critique of ethics education in management; measuring best practices in management education for integrity capacity; encouraging moral engagement in business ethics courses; management education for behavioral integrity; and scenario-based approach as a teaching tool to promote integrity awareness.

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