Making Trade Missions Work: A Best Practice Guide to International Business and Commercial Diplomacy

Huub Ruël
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

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15 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
196 pages - 152 x 229 x 14mm
Trade missions are one of the best-known export promotion instruments initiated and organized by governments, business associations, and consulting firms. However, their effectiveness is highly contested with some researchers doubting their worth. What is clear is that organizing a trade mission is one thing, but ensuring that it brings maximum results and outcomes is entirely another. 

This book provides a unique perspective on and approach to trade missions and how to make them more successful. By combining research and practice-based insights from international business and international relations it proposes an approach to trade missions consisting of three stages: the participant preparation stage; the target country or region visiting stage and; the follow-up stage. All - not just the visiting stage - are equally important to trade mission effectiveness. ‘Making Trade Missions Work’ will be essential reading for professionals in roles related to internationalization, export promotion, and foreign investment, as well as to scholars of international business.
Chapter 1. Trade missions in today’s global economy: international business meets international relations 
Chapter 2. Trade missions at the heart of commercial diplomacy 
Chapter 3. Trade missions: definitions and objectives 
Chapter 4. Organizing a research informed trade mission 
Chapter 5. A three staged trade mission: a real life example 
Chapter 6. Conclusion: the future of trade missions
Huub Ruël is a Professor at The Hague Hospitality Business School, and doing research on International Business, Diplomacy and (tech-enabled) HR/Talent management in the hospitality industry or in contexts where hospitality makes a difference. He has worked at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, University of Utrecht, at Kuwait-Maastricht Business School (Kuwait) and at the American University of Beirut (Lebanon).

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