Macrofoundations: Exploring the Situated Nature of Activity Vol: 68

Christopher W.J Steele
University of Alberta, Canada

Timothy R. Hannigan
University of Alberta, Canada

Vern L Glaser
University of Alberta, Canada

Madeline Toubiana
University of Alberta, Canada

Joel Gehman
University of Alberta, Canada

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26 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
This volume of Research in the Sociology of Organizations explores the institutional macro foundations of action, providing an array of insights into the constitutive and contextualizing powers of institutions, and an agenda for further exploration of these themes.

The recent increase in attention to the micro foundations of institutions has been fruitful, but risks obscuring institutions' constitutive and contextualizing powers. This volume addresses this risk by focusing attention on how institutions shape the workings of the social and material world, our fundamental experiences, and the real-time unfolding of activity. It examines these institutional macro foundations, and provides rich accounts of the ways in which macro foundations shape and are shaped by micro-dynamics, in a co-constitutive interplay.

This volume will be essential reading for management researchers, students, and all those interested in organization and organizational life.
Chapter 1. Towards an Optometric Institutionalism and an Institutionalist Optometry: Integrating and complicating the micro and macro ‘foundations’ of institutions; Christopher W.J. Steele, Timothy R. Hannigan, Madeline Toubiana, Vern L. Glaser, and Joel Gehman.
Section A: Macro-Founding the Local: Exploring the Institutional Contexts of Action 
Chapter 2. Revisiting the Foundations of Institutional Analysis; John Gehman. 
Chapter 3. Institutional power and organizational space: How space constrains micro-level action in the emergency department; Stuart Middleton, Gemma Irving, and April Wright. 
Chapter 4. How cities think: Strategy’s impact beyond implementation; Renate E. Meyer, Martin Kornberger, and  Markus A. Höllerer 
Chapter 5. Punishment and institutions: A macro-foundations perspective; Brett Crawford, and M. Tina Dacin Chapter 6. In the land of sand and oil: How the macrofoundations of a tribal society shape the implementation of public-private partnerships (PPPs); Mhamed Biygautane, Evelyn Micelotta, Claudia Gabbioneta, and Giulia Cappallaro  
Section B: Localizing the Macro-Foundational: Investigating Recursivity 
Chapter 7. Fighting ‘factory fiction’: The evolution of a marginalized institutional logic in UK trade book publishing; Isabel Brüggemann, Jochem Kroezen, and Paul Tracey 
Chapter 8. New structuralism and field emergence: The co-constitution of meanings and actors in the early moments of impact investing; Timothy R. Hannigan.
Section C: Reflections and Future Directions 
Chapter 9. Rediscovering The Macrofoundations of Institutions: Reflections On the Language of Institutional Theory; Mary Ann Glynn 
Chapter 10. Rediscovering the power of institutions: The macro-foundations of institutional analysis; Markus A. Höllerer, Marc Schneiberg, Patricia H. Thornton, Charlene Zietsma, and Milo S. Wang. 
Chapter 11. Turtles all the way down – and up: Macro institutions; W. Richard Scott.
Christopher W.J. Steele is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Organization at the University of Alberta. 
Timothy R. Hannigan is an Assistant Professor of Organization Theory and Entrepreneurship at the University of Alberta. 
Vern L. Glaser is an Associate Professor in the Strategic Management and Organization Department at the University of Alberta. 
Madeline Toubiana is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Organization at the University of Alberta. 
Joel Gehman is Professor of Strategic Management & Organization and the Alberta School of Business Chair in Free Enterprise at the University of Alberta.

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