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Looking for Consensus: Civil Society, Social Movements and Crises for Public Management Vol: 2

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28 May 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
192 pages - 152 x 229 x 14mm
Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management
This volume reflects on the global dimension of the 2008 banking and financial crisis and point to a bigger and deeper crisis of authority and legitimacy for public managers. The peak of the crisis might be passing but the crisis for civil society and civic institutions of governance and leadership is far from over. The long term implications of these crises for governance, political and civic institutions are hard to be precise about. However, we can observe how across a number of nation states and supra national relationships (from the European Union to the IMF) are institutions and those who lead, manage or hold them to account in crisis too. The broad group of scholars and academics examine key conceptual and theoretical ideas in contemporary international public management and explore: What are the implications of these developments for city managers and local political leaders (from elected mayors to NGO leaders and activists) ? Is coalition and consensus building possible in a time of uncertainty and change? And, finally, what are the implications for those who seek to manage or administer public services in this time of crisis?
The public policy context: International trends. ‘Who’s responsible for the state we’re in?’ Government and public sector: Accountability and responsibility in an era of crisis and austerity. Local government in england: Fault lines in ethical governance?. Rethinking urban regeneration? Insights into the future through use of the strategic-relational approach. The retreat of the state: The challenges faced by regeneration managers in a climate of austerity. Civil society and social movements: Consensus or crisis?. The State of higher education and training in Egypt post the Arab Spring. Resist, Refuse, Occupy. Civil Society, the left and community organising: Towards a progressive politics. Review and reflection. ‘The way we do things around here’: Personal and epistemological reflections of the influence of inter-disciplinary identity on effective knowledge leadership for tackling inequalities. Introduction: From austerity to acceptance?. Conclusion: Policy and practice implications. Acknowledgements. List of Contributors. Looking for consensus?: Civil society, social movements and crises for public management. Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management. Looking for consensus?: Civil society, social movements and crises for public management. Copyright page. Editorial Advisory Board.

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